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A powerful compact and portable jump starter booster that fits in your pocket! The uBoost offers 16000mAh of power and a maximum Amperage Peak of 600A. 12v Emergency jump starter can start a vehicle up to 15 times on one full battery cycle (based on tests on a 3.6L engine). The uBoost also gives you the ability to charge your mobile accessories such as, Cell Phones (iPhones, Android, and more), Tablets (iPads, Android tablets and more) and anything that can be charged via a USB port. Also includes 8 adapter tips used to charge Laptops or other devices (Switchable between 12v/16v/19v). The uBoost also has an Ultra Bright LED emergency light that lasts up to 120+ hours on a full charge. The Emergency light offers 3 modes; High, Strobe, and SOS.

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