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ATS 5 Gas Analyzer

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The ATS Emission 5-gas analyzer is Bar-90 certified and Bar-97 compliant. All five gases are tested with sensors that have an accuracy of 1 percent. This data is processed with a microprocessor and displayed on the front panel or displayed on a PC with scrolling graphs. The scrolling graphs provide a POWERFUL diagnostic aid.

Sample to display time is under 2 seconds for diagnostics making this the FASTEST unit available.

Calculations are made for air-fuel ratio and lambda which are digitally displayed or graphed on scrolling charts.

This unit also provides IM240 testing in grams/mile.

The ATS Emission 5-gas analyzer is powered by 110 vac or 12 vdc, is fully portable for test drives, and can be used with the ATS-Ignition or ATS-Scope on the same screen simultaneously for advanced diagnostic capability. The Emission also has auto diagnostic for an overall evaluation of the gas content. This unit is fully web enabled for remote monitoring on local network or the Internet.

* 5 gas measurements of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx
* Meets or exceeds OIML Class 1 Gas Standards
* Measures concentration in parts per million or percentages and supports measuring grams per mile / kilometer
* Certified to BAR-90 (United States Bureau of Automotive Repair)
* Meets the performance specifications of BAR-97
* Also certified under the AirCare program of British Columbia, Canada

Kit Includes:
* Quick Connect
* Sample Probe
* Sample Probe Handle
* Sample Hose
* Tach Pickup
* Cable Assembly for AC/DC
* Serial Cable
* Power Supply
* Power Cord
* USB to Serial Adapter
* Extra Filter Element
* Manual
* Emission Analyzer & Software

Interfaces to PC via USB Adapter
* Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces.
* Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval.
* Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation.
* Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet.
* Hold Button allows Cursor Measurements of last 2.5 Minutes.
* MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of Emission Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools.

For the Emission we recommend the following:
* XGA (1024x768 pixel resolution screen)
* 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)
* Windows 2000 or newer 
* 256 MB RAM (more is better)
* 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space
* Available RS-232 Serial Port or USB/RS-232 Adaptor



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Resurrecting the Emissions Analyzer, by Alex Portillo, Auto Service Professional Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013
Emission analyzers have been under-utilized pieces of equipment in our industry for years. Many shop owners and technicians think that the emission analyzer is only used for vehicle inspections rather than using it for diagnosing vehicle drivability problems. Their short-sightedness is preventing them from diagnosing many vehicle problems in a shorter period of time.

Turn On Your Exhaust Analyzer— It’s a Gas!, by Sam Bell, Motor Magazine, July 2012
There has been continuous improvement in on-board diagnostic systems as well as in the scan tools that report the data they provide. But there are still occasions when the best tool for the job is an exhaust gas analyzer.



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