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FCA validated for SGW

1-year Software Update for X431 (X431SW)

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California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Official Launch USA 1-year subscription update renewals for the following Launch x431 tools:
- Launch X-431 Pad II AE, updates will end 6/30/2025
- Launch X-431 Pad II, updates will end 6/30/2025
- Launch X-431 Pad III, updates will end 6/30/2025
- Launch X-431 PADIII V2.0, updates will end 6/30/2025
- Launch X-431 Torque Link
- Launch X-431 Torque V
- Launch X-431 TURBO, updates will end 2/17/2027
- Launch X431 TURBO III
- Launch X-431 Throttle, updates will end 7/3/2027 (see below for the Throttle III)
- Launch X-431 Torque III
Coverage details available on this page.

To renew the subscription for the Throttle III, IMMO PAD/Pro, click here.

To renew the subscription for Launch heavy duty units, click here.

Each of the tools listed above are FCA (Stellantis) validated thru, subscription sold separately. How to validate your Launch tool with AutoAuth, view image (pop up).

Updates have been discontinued for the following units:
- Launch X-431 Pad
- Launch X-431 Pro
- Launch X-431 Pro3
- Launch X-431 ScanPad 071
- Launch X-431 ScanPad 101
- Launch X-431 Torque 
NOTE: Updates are not available for units originating from outside the North American sales territory of Launch USA.

Update instructions:


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