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2000A/200A Current Clamp

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The 2000A/200A (TA167) heavy duty current clamp from Pico features additional screening to reduce noise pickup and uses advanced Hall Effect sensors for improved sensitivity and high external field rejection.

Use it for starter motor testing of commercial vehicles and large engine passenger cars.

Compared to the Pico PP266 (600A), and Pico PP253 (2000A) clamps, the TA167 has improved sensitivity, lower noise, faster response, an improved jaw size, and in the 200A mode the TA167 offers  better performance at lower currents.

The TA167 uses a 9 V Alkaline battery and  features an auto power-down facility to save battery life when not in use (this feature can be disabled for battery drain / shutdown current testing). 

Typical Uses
The wide range of this clamp allows currents to be measured from under 1 amp right up to 2000 amps. It can therefore be used with a PicoScope (and other scopes) for many applications including:
- Battery testing with PicoDiagnostics software
- Relative compression testing
- Starter motor testing
- Alternator output testing
- Hybrid and EV electric motor current
On the 200 A range the TA167 can also be used for such as checking injector and ignition current.


Electrical Specifications

(All accuracies stated at 23°C ± 1°C)

Nominal current

2000 A ACPEAK or DC

Measuring range (s) 2000 A
Overload capacity 2200 A (60 s)
Output sensitivity 10 / 1 mV/A
Accuracy1) (0 – 200/1500 A) ± 1% of reading ± 100 / ± 500 mA
Accuracy1) (1500 – 2000 A) ± 5% of reading
Gain variation ±0.15% of reading/°C
Frequency range DC to 20 kHz (-1 dB)
  IRMS x f ≤ 400,000
Power supply 9 V Alkaline battery
PP3, MN 1604  
or IEC6LR61  
Load impedance (minimum) > 100 kW and £ 100 pF
1)Accuracy quoted is for conductor in centre of aperture 


General Specifications

Conductor size 32 mm diameter (1.25 inches)
Output cable and connectors 2 m long coax terminated with safety BNC connector
Overload capacity 2200 A (60 s)
Output sensitivity 10 / 1 mV/A
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature with Battery removed -20°C to +85°C


How to Perform a Relative Compression Test & Why It's Useful When Diagnosing a Timing Issue (P0016) with Mike Becker of Wells Vehicle Electronics. This video is episode number 2 of 6 in a mini series involving a case study of a P0016 problem on a 2007 Toyota 4Runner 4.7L.




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