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> Cool Tools > 6-way breakout lead set (Premium)

Storage pouch included
Includes 6 Backprobes
Connects to Banana Leads

6-way breakout lead set (Premium)

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Pico’s Premium 6-way Breakout Lead Kit (Complete) works with any vehicle reducing the need to use system specific breakout leads.

This kit contains 11 sets of different sized breakout leads plus 1 set of back pinning probes. Each set includes 6 pieces for a total of 72 in the kit, each is 7-inches long. A soft-sided storage pouch is included.

All the leads and probes include a slot & tab so they can be attached to each other.

The breakout leads include 7 different sized flat blade connectors.
- 0.6 mm
- 1.2 mm
- 2.0 mm
- 2.3 mm
- 2.8 mm
- 4.8 mm
- 6.0 mm
Also includes 4 different round pin sizes:
- 1.5 mm
- 2.0 mm
- 3.5 mm
- 4.0 mm
Each of the 11 sets include 6 leads, one of each color.  Each lead includes both male and female connectors attached to one 4mm banana socket and are 7-inches long.

The back pinning probe set consists of 6 low profile, sharp probes with protective cover.

Note: The individual pieces are not available for purchase separately.


The breakout leads are available with 4 different sizes of connectors allowing you to connect to virtually any sensor in the engine compartment — of any vehicle — using just 4 leads. Never again will you need to search your workshop for that expensive vehicle/sensor specific lead.

Easy to Use
Connect the breakout lead into the existing cable loom.  Then, to read voltage from the numerous sensors in the engine compartment connect your lab scope test leads to the breakout lead.

Typical Uses
Any measurement taken is only as good as the connection you make to the device under test. The 6-way universal break out leads will connect to a multitude of vehicle components regardless of connector arrangement. This will ensure you have a 100% successful connection, removing any doubt from your test results. A broadband oxygen sensor test is a typical example where multiple measurements are required for both voltage and current. The 4mm banana terminals introduce a simple and secure voltage measurement point for your test lead, while a current clamp can be applied to any break out lead to monitor current. The break out leads can also confirm the integrity of the harness/component “terminal tension” by inspecting for “grip” of the breakout lead terminal inside the vehicle connector.

Inspection of terminal pin contact for any matching connector

O2 sensor measurements for voltage and current (Including broadband)

Actuator measurements for voltage and current

Sensor measurements for voltage and feedback

“Open” and “Short” tests of circuits  

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