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> Emissions > A Streamlined Approach To Diagnostic Dilemmas by Brandon Steckler


A Streamlined Approach To Diagnostic Dilemmas by Brandon Steckler

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Each problem vehicle presents a unique set of conditions that must be analyzed and understood before a successful diagnosis and repair can be achieved.

In “A Streamlined Approach to Diagnostic Dilemmas,” Brandon Steckler explains how technicians can combine an understanding of the physics common to all vehicle systems, basic testing techniques, available service information and modern diagnostic tooling to solve seemingly difficult dilemmas, with ease and efficiency, regardless of vehicle type.

The manual begins with an overview of the fundamental knowledge that is the basis for all troubleshooting and concludes with a series of case studies to illustrate his problem-solving approach. 

The coil bound 8-1/2" x 11" manual includes 91 full-color pages.

Table of Contents

The 85% versus the 15% 
Master the Basics 
The ‘three-legged stool’ approach 

The logic behind parasitic drain testing 
Principles of Lenz’s Law 
Step #1: Establish a generalized approach 
Step #2: Investing justified time
Step #3: Asking “Why?” 
Step #4: Committed to pinpointed, further investigation/testing: 
Color coding wiring diagrams 
Scope sample rate 
Processing the results of the test 
The final approach 
Wasting time can be beneficial 

“Combustion, through the eyes of an ignition scope”- Mac Vandenbrink 
Anatomy of the ignition waveform 
Low-hanging fruit 
Flushing the fault to the surface 
The snap-throttle test 
Results of the snap-test 
What we know so far 
What we know so far 
Repeat the same tests 
The Final Test 
Putting the puzzle pieces together 

Preliminary investigation 
The combustion process 
Things to know about chemistry and the combustion process 
Baselining your gas analyzer 
According to the results of the gas analysis: 
What we know so far 
Becoming familiar with the 15% 
Wiring diagram analysis 
The game plan 
What we know so far 

What we know so far 
Color coding wiring diagrams 
What we know so far 
The game plan 
What we know so far 
CAT Failure…AGAIN! 
The results of the fuel induction service 
A second cry for help 
Stop the music 
Possible causes of the P0420 and P0430 
Preliminary inspections 
A change, but is it fixed? 
Dynamic catalyst performance evaluation 
Steady-state catalytic converter functionality 
What we know so far 
Time for a conference 
A fresh perspective 
What we know so far 
…Just the facts, please 
The final diagnosis 

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