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ACE Ckp/Cmp Signal Reference

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The A.C.E. Ckp/Cmp Signal Reference Guide provides known good examples of 60 different proper relationship signals for domestically produced engines up to model year 2005.

This handy guide available as a PDF on CD or a manual can save you hours of teardown time to verify that a timing belt or timing chain is aligned correctly. A reference relationship waveform is also an absolute must for setting a Ford Hall effect cam synchronizer properly with a lab scope. The 60 relationships covered are illustrated in 104 large and easy to read waveforms and show the vast majority of Crankshaft and Camshaft synch relationships of all the Chrysler, Ford and GM engines ever produced. Many also have reference markings for TDC. This useful and inexpensive guide will pay for itself with it's first use.

NOTE: Each of the waveforms were captured with the PicoScope Automotive.

Although the waveforms in this manual were captured back in 2005, many manufacturer/displacements are still the same thru the current year. Manufacturers cam and crank signals do not change from year to year if it is the same engine family and displacement. 

60-pages of known-good waveforms are provided for each system listed below, one page for each system. A typical page shows the CAM signal (red) superimposed over the CRANK signal (blue). Many pages show the same signals from two views: slow time base and a faster time base (wide angle and zoom views). Systems include: 

* Chrysler 2.0
* Chrysler 2.4
* Chrysler 2.5
* Chrysler 2.7
* Chrysler 3.0
* Chrysler 3.2
* Chrysler 3.3
* Chrysler 3.5
* Chrysler 3.7
* Chrysler 3.8
* Chrysler 3.9
* Chrysler 4.0-(early)
* Chrysler 4.0-(late)
* Chrysler 4.7
* Chrysler 5.2
* Chrysler 5.9
* Ford VRS 1.9
* Ford VRS 2.0
* Ford VCT/VRS 2.0
* Ford VRS 2.3
* Ford VRS 2.5 (4cyl)
* Ford VRS 2.5 (6cyl)
* Ford Hall 3.0
* Ford VRS 3.0
* Ford Hall 3.2
* Ford VRS 3.4
* Ford Hall 3.8
* Ford VRS 3.8
* Ford Hall 4.0 OHC
* Ford VRS 4.0 OHC
* Ford Hall 4.0 OHV
* Ford VRS 4.0 OHV
* Ford Hall 4.2
* Ford VRS 4.6
* Ford Hall 5.0
* Ford VRS 5.4 Ford
* Ford VRS 6.8
* Saturn 1.9-(early)
* Saturn 1.9-(late)
* GM 2.2
* GM 2.3
* GM 2.4
* GM 2.8-(3X/7X)
* GM 3.1-(3X/7X)
* GM 3.1
* GM 3.3
* GM 3.4-(3X/7X)
* GM 3.4
* GM 3.5
* GM 3.8
* GM 4.0
* GM 4.2
* GM 4.3
* GM 4.6
* GM 4.8
* GM 5.0
* GM 5.3
* GM 5.7
* GM 6.0
* GM 7.4



Sample Screen: Intro















Sample Screen: GM 6.0

The arrows to the right of each screen capture are there to indicate the existence of a related waveform. These come in handy when you ZOOM into the screen.














Stories from the Field: Not in town and not in Alldata!

Courtesy of Ian Shaw-MacLaren of Kamloops BC.

"I have been trying everywhere in town and on the internet to find a
cam/crank correlation pattern for a 2005 Ford F150 with a
4.6 code W engine and have not had any luck. I have been chasing
this for 2 days now and my Ford Dealer isn't much help and Alldata
can't find it for me. . ."

"ACE Ckp/Cmp Signal Reference had what I needed."

Ian purchased the ACE book but was in a hurry to get the information he needed.
At his request we faxed a page from the ACE Ckp/Cmp Signal Reference to him.










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