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Prints a customized report for your customers!

ACE Misfire Detective software

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** The ACE Misfire Detective Software is not compatible with PicoScope 4425 series A/D converter with any Windows OS. 

The ECM does not always detect misfires so you cannot totally rely on your scan tool.
Did you ever have a PO300 code, misfire but the cylinder not identified* Frustrating*

The ACE Misfire Detective takes you where your scan tool cannot go!
It's a proven system that takes you into the combustion chamber to find the slightest
or most intermittent misfires no matter how elusive they are to the ECM or conventional detection methods. And it works on ALL gasoline engines: European, Asian & American!

To find a misfire with the ACE Misfire Detective, just follow these four steps!


After clicking START the ACE Misfire Detective will identify the misfiring cylinder(s),
give you suggestions for fixing the misfire, and even provide a report of before
and after results that you can give to your customers.

ACE Misfire Detective is ideal for diagnostics and preventative maintenance, it will:
* Identify all misfires by cylinder on ALL gasoline engines: European, Asian & American!
* Detect very intermittent type misfires, the most difficult type of misfire to accurately pinpoint!
* Detect whether misfires are originating from just one cylinder or multiple cylinders!
* Determine whether a drivability issue is coming from the engine (misfire) or other
drive train systems (torque converter shudder, motor or transmission mounts, etc)
* Determine whether the misfire is more likely to be an issue related to compression,
air/fuel (lambda) mixture, or ignition
* Provide suggestions and reports on the most likely cause of the misfire.
* Identify PARTIAL misfires, selling the benefits of fuel injector cleaning.
* Determine when injectors need to be cleaned
* Print before/after reports for your customers.

* Save time in repairing rough engine problems by diagnosing the root cause of misfires
* Save costs in repairing engine misfire problems: no more swapping parts!
* Sell more fuel injector cleaning services by identifying partial misfires
* Save time diagnosing quivering engine idle problems by quickly determining whether
a drivability issue is coming from a misfire or engine mounts.

You don't need years of experience to get results: A.C.E. completes the analysis for you!

* ACE Misfire Detective Software
* Guided Diagnostics CD
* USB Key-Loc
NOTE: Click here if you already have a Pico Scope?

System Requirements
- Pico scope 3000-series or newer.a
- Firstlook sensor P
- PC with XP or newer

** The ACE Misfire Detective Software is not compatible with PicoScope 4425 series A/D converter with any Windows OS. 

ACE is compatible with PicoScope 4223 and 4423 with all Windows OS.  Because of the security dongle you must right click icon and select "run as administrator" on windows 7 & 8 OS.

The older 3000 series scopes are also compatible with the following exception 
*If you are using an old 3000 series PicoScope A/D convertor with AMD on a 64 bit Windows 7 or 8 OS the software will not be compatible.


















ACE Misfire Detective Video Guide


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