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About Us

The AES motto:“Helping each other to be successful for each other.”

AESwave specializes in the sales and support of hand-held electronic systems diagnostic equipment. For over 20-years we have provided pre-sale advice and after-purchase support for a full range of tools across many brands for every diagnostic situation:

Driveability: Lab scopes, Multimeters, Scan Tools, Smoke Machines, Circuit Testers.
Reprogramming and resetting: Flash and TPMS tools
Hybrid diagnostics: CAT-III rated tools, protection, and training
Training: Books, DVDs, and Seminars

In the early 1990’s, Jorge Menchu helped launch the automotive lab scope revolution from Fresno, California with a kit of homemade test leads, DOS-based software, a book, and diagnostic strategies created specifically for automotive diagnosis.

20-years later, Jorge is a nationally-recognized industry expert and president of Automotive Electronics Services, Inc (AESwave) which specializes in the sales and support of automotive diagnostic equipment. Each day, thousands of technicians, educators, trainers, engineers, and technical writers are using products and strategies developed at AESwave.

• AES probes for pinpoint testing

• AES ST3 shielded lead for minimizing noise

• AES secondary pickup for ignition analysis

• AES Wave to capture waveforms

• AES Wave for customer data printouts

• AES Wave for publishing a waveform to the web or tech magazine article

• AES diagnostic strategies

• AES Wiring diagram Color-coding™


Jorge Menchu started AESwave with the goal of sharing his electronics knowledge, diagnostic strategies and making his products available. His dream is now a reality with the help of many trainers, technicians, shop owners, and publishers from around the country.


AES products have won 5 Motor Top 20 awards and 2 Undercar Digest awards.


AES Mission

To be the premier provider of products and services for hand-held high-tech automotive diagnostic equipment for professional automotive technicians while:

• Providing information and sales based on honest representation of product integrity

• Providing added-value services and support

• Building the automotive professional community: integrity and professionalism from the inside out!


AES Beliefs

• The measure of an individual is determined by the strength and integrity of the relationships he has with others.

• Knowledge has its greatest value when it is applied and shared.

• Respect the creations, products, and discoveries of others and give credit where credit is due.


AES Services for the End User

AES provides numerous end-user services including personal consultation and group training.

• Training: Lab scopes, electronics, and diagnostic strategies

• Products: Hand-held diagnostic equipment and accessories

• Support: Pre-sales consultation and full product support


AES Services for the Reseller

Tool trucks, retail outlets, and trainers: AES provides multiple sales programs for selected products.

• Manufacturing

• Custom labeling

• Bulk orders and packaging


AES Services for the OEM

AES provides various services for the OEM customer including consultation of market trends, test leads and accessories, and hardware performance evaluation:

• Product evaluation

• Consultation

• Custom leads and accessories


AES Products

We are distributors for manufacturers of the world's finest diagnostic equipment and accessories.


Test Leads

We are producers of specialized equipment and accessories not available elsewhere. We carry something for every lab scope:

• Shielded leads for meters and scopes

• Ignition leads and adapters for HEI, etc.

• Trigger syncs

• Back probes and wire piercing

• 10:1 probes and low pass filters

• Much more!


Educational and Reference Products

AES provides training and educational products. Our seminars and videos, featuring founder Jorge Menchu, are very popular. Jorge provides the information required to understand the technology, to apply your skills, and to understand your test equipment.

• Waveform analysis

• Wiring diagram analysis

• Understanding hand-held test equipment

• Strategies for electronics system diagnosis

• Learning to learn



AES Waveform and Analysis - Fluke promoThe AES Waveform & Analysis, Jorge's first program, was the seed for the first on-line waveform database. It was also the source of Jorge's first Motor Top 20 award.

Jorge continued to make automotive history with the AES Wave - Waveform and information management system for automotive technicians. This Windows based program earned Jorge his second Motor Top 20 in 1997.

The AES Wave! is the perfect balance between ease of use and power and is ideal for saving, categorizing, and printing waveforms downloaded from your scope.

• Save waveforms, diagnostic data, and graphics to an easy to use database

• Report engine for professional printouts

• Export data for use in other programs