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Advanced Picoscope Functionality Book
Hundreds of full color screenshots

Advanced Picoscope Functionality Pico 6 and Pico 7 by Adam Robertson

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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Advanced Picoscope Functionality by Adam Robertson, is an exploration of the advanced functions found within PicoScope Automotive 6 and 7 as well as PicoDiagnostics software. Only an automotive technician who lives and breathes diagnostics and lab scopes could write this book, which demonstrates that your imagination is the only limitation in diagnostic routines.

Adam explores the most powerful tools found in PicoScope's automotive software, explains why you need to use them, as well as when and how to use them. This knowledge will help you add a whole new set of tools to your diagnostic routine. 

The 8-1/2 x 11, 292-pages, full-color book includes more than 200 annotated screenshots. To get the maximum benefit from this book, you should be familiar with the basic operations of PicoScope Automotive software and have a good understanding of the relationships between voltage, current and resistance.  

About the Author
Adam Roberson has 37+ years of experience as an automotive technician/instructor. He owned/operated his own automotive repair and training facilities since 1991, spent many years performing dyno tuning/programming and other auto racing support and competing in "grass roots" motorsport events. Adam has been a CARQUEST Technical Institute trainer since 2000, offering nearly 800 hours of presentation material to students in 23 full regions of the Western United States, while still squeezing in several "hands-on" training events each year. A regular fixture at national automotive training events, he has a "contagious" teaching style, with incredible amounts of energy and passion.  Adam has experience with and has used almost every diagnostic tool on the market, from basic meters, to scopes, scan tools, programming equipment, as well as the more obscure hybrid/electric motor and battery testing/repairing equipment. He's a tool junkie! Adam spends what he calls "all my extra free time ha-ha" at various shops in CA, OR, WA, ID, AZ, and WY, diagnosing/fixing problem vehicles with whatever equipment is available at that time.

Table of Contents
Pre-Test Questions
Software, Features & Viewing Options
Advanced Mode Viewing Options
Picoscope 6 Preferences
Picoscope 7 Advanced Features
Picoscope 6 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Picoscope 7: Spectrum Analyzer Example
Picoscope 6: Persistence Mode Location
XY Added View Example of High-Speed CAN-C Network
Example of XY View Utilizing a Mask/Alarm of Hscan-C
2008 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke: CAN-C XY Example
Mask, Alarm, Math Channel, Scope and XY Views All Together
Picoscope Diagnostic Software
Picoscope 7: Guided Tests
Pico Interfaces
Most Common Pico Scope Unit Options
Latest Pico Auto Scope 4000 Series Release Dates
4823 Grounding Screw & Signal Generator
Picoscope 4225, 4225a, 4425 & 4425a
20 Khz Hardware Bandwidth Filter Locations
20 Mhz Sample 20 Khz Hardware Filter Not Activated
20 Mhz Bandwidth Sample on GM Maf Frequency
20 Khz Hardware Filter Activated
Hardware Filter Activated on “A” Signal Voltage on “B”
Adding Two Math Channels to Channel B
4225, 4225a, 4425 & 4425a: Connect Detect Option
Connect Detect Menu Locations
Picoscope 7, Connect Detect on During Signal Capture
Picoscope 6 Connect Detect Example on 4 Channels
We Have Lost Channel D for a Few Seconds
Understanding the Detect Failure
Example of Connect Detect Auto Setting for Channel – C
Picoscope 6 Measurements
Measurements: Picoscope 7
Picoscope 6: Measurements Example
Picoscope 7: Measurements Example
Measurement Rulers/Cursors
Picoscope 6: Partition Rulers
Picoscope 7: Phase Rulers Example
Pressure Waveform Overlay Ruler Example
Vertical Ruler Measurements - Frustrating Numbers
Coupling AC, DC & Frequency Counter
Varying Frequency Example
AC Versus DC Coupling Example
Trigger Options
Advanced Trigger Menu
Interval Trigger Example
Rapid Trigger Option
Trigger Delay
Auto Versus Repeat Trigger
Pico Gap
Save on Trigger Option
Math Channels
Introduction to Common Math Channels
Math Frequency Channel CKP Sensor During Misfire V-8
Picoscope 6 Math Channel Menu Location
Picoscope 7 Math Channel Location
Picoscope 7 Math Channel Wizard Example for RPM
Math Channels: Three Categories
Math Channel Built-in Functions: Invert A & Invert B
Math Channel Built-in Functions: A + B
Pico 7: A + B Example of HS CAN Quick Diagnostics
Picoscope 7: Full Screen Option (F11 to Exit)
Math Channel Built-in Functions: A – B
Built-in Math Channel A-B
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example
Math Applied: Channels H - F with Cursors
Serial Decoding Applied to Math of H - F
Math Channel Built-in Functions: A * B
Math Channel Built-in Functions: A / B
Math Channel Selection with Missing Source Warning
Building Custom Math Channels: Library
Duplicating Math Channels
Editing a Duplicated Channel
What’s Wrong with this Picture?
Creating Custom/Library Math Channels (Ohm’s Law Example)
Finding an Icon for the Short Name
Overriding Automatic Range Selection
Extreme Noise May Be Present
Low Pass Filters Applied to Channels A & B At ~30 Hz
Extended Time Period Parasitic Draw Measurement
Math Channel Example of Parasitic Draw with Shunt Resistor
Building Math Channels with Advanced Functions
Picoscope 7: Information Example
Advanced Feature: Frequency Math Channel
Utilizing a Frequency Math Channel In Picoscope 6
Vehicle Repaired
Vehicle Stalls When Injector Pulse Width Triples
Frequency Math Channel Repaired
Math Frequency Channel CKP Sensor During Misfire V-8
CKP & Frequency: Cadillac 4.6L V-8 No Misfire
Math Frequency Channel: CKP Sensor - No Misfire (4 Cylinder)
GM 2.2L, 4 Cylinder Engine with a Misfire at the Slowest Point
1998 Subaru, 2.5L – 4 Cylinder Engine
1998 toyota RAV4 2.0L – Runs Horrible – Be Careful!
Advanced Feature: Duty Cycle Math Channel
Advanced Feature: Duty Cycle Math Channel
Utilizing a Duty Cycle Math Channel
Building More Complicated Equations
Picoscope 7: Math Channel Wizard Example for RPM (So Much Easier)
Building More Complicated Equations: 2007 Kia Rondo
Implementing Filters with Math Channels
2009 Dodge Charger 2.7L Fuel Trim Errors
Scope Follow–Up to Diagnostics Results
2009 Dodge Charger 2.7L - Intake Vacuum/Injector
Using Math Channels to Advance/Delay
Overlaying a Reference Waveform
Reference Waveforms, Including Some Math Channels
Reference Waveforms – Picoscope 6
Reference Waveform Capabilities
Picoscope 7: Reference Waveform Locations
Saving the Reference Waveform In Picoscope 7
Utilize the File Button to Access Stored References
The Reference Waveform Is Now Visible In All Buffers
Time Delay Box Adjustments
Example of Second Scope View with Reference Waveform
Examples of a Reference Waveform on top In Picoscope 6
Reference Waveform Options
2013 Dodge 5.7L Hemi - Reference Waveform Using Delay Only
Step 1: Determine the Amount of Advance/Delay In Seconds (Math Example)
Step 2: Build Math Channel Accordingly
2003 Toyota RAV4: Stalls/Loses Communication Under Load
Reference Waveform & Advance/Delay Known Good
Zoom In for the Details
2003 Toyota RAV4 Intermittent Stall & Ecu Reset COP #1
Deep Measurement
Deep Measurement Example: 2013 Dodge Journey - CKP System
Deep Measurement Example: 2008 Colorado 3.7L Stalls
2007 Kia Rondo: New Crank Sensor Sets Code/Rev Limiting
Deep Measurement Export to Ms Excel
Masks & Alarms
What Are Masks?
Mask Failure
When Should Masking Be Used?
Mask Location: Picoscope 6
Defining the Mask 1
Defining the Mask 2
Manual Mask Editing
Manual Mask Editing 1
Manual Mask Editing 2
Mask Established with Proper Triggers
Mask Example of a Voltage Supply Drop Out
Mask Example of a Bad Ground
Mask Example on a Repeating Digital Signal
Mask Example on a Sine Wave
Unstable Patterns will Break into the Mask
Applying a Mask to Another Scope View
Math Channel & Mask Diagnostics Together
Mask Failures & Capture Counters
Current & History on the Same Screen
Navigating to Mask Failures
Adding Alarms to a Mask or Called Actions in Picoscope 7
Alarm: Saving Current Buffer Option
Select the Folder for Results
Setting up a Mask & Alarm
All Mask Failures Are Now the Destination Folder
Example of Masking for Diagnostics
The 5v Signal is Dropping While Going Over Bumps
Persistence Mode
Time Base Options for Persistence Mode
Persistence Mode Settings
Persistence Mode Sine Wave with Bad Connection and CKP/Cmp Variances
Network Serial Decoding & Diagnostic Methods
Serial Decoding
2006 Nissan Maxima Case Study (An Introduction to Network Issues)
A Small Handful of Blown Fuses?
Visual Inspection (After Fuse Replacements)
Data Communications Lines - Part 1
Data Communication Lines - Part 2
How Many Communications Networks?
DCL Pins, CAN-C #6, #14 & Iso #7
Why Use Waveforms? What Type of Problem am I Chasing?
High Speed CAN-C 500 Kbit/S Known Good
Unplugging Modules One At a Time
Good Communications (Pins 6, 14 and 7)
HVAC Amplifier “Piggy Bank”
New HVAC Amplifier “Covered Coin Slot”
Serial Decoding CAN/CAN-FD Example
Math Channel Built-in Functions: A - B
Scope Hook-Up 2-Wire CAN Differential Mode Example
Single Channel Differential Mode Example HSCAN-C 500 Kbit/S
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example (Continued)
Math Channels: Serial Decoding Example (Continued)
Math Applied: Channels H - F with Cursors
Serial Decoding Creation Data “H-F” Automatic Result
No/Poor Results?
Serial Decoding Creation Menu/Settings
Extreme Zoom with Voltage & Baud Measurements
Adjustment of Serial Decoding Measurements
New Results with Proper Settings (No Errors)
Picoscope 7 CAN-H with Decoding Issues
Picoscope 7 Example of What Appears to Be a Dirty Waveform
Mask, Alarm, Math Channel and XY View All Together
XY View, HS-CAN Extremely Clean Example
XY View of Normal Noisier CAN-C
Example of XY View Utilizing a Mask/Alarm of HS-CAN-C
2008 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke CAN-C XY Example
Sample Rate/Filters/Resolution Enhancement
Locations/Adjustments of Sample Rates
1 Ms/S Sample Rate (CAN-C)
10 Ms/S Sample Rate (CAN-C)
1 Ms/S Sample Rate Zoom (CAN-C)
10 Ms/S Sample Rate Zoom (CAN-C)
Resolution Enhancement Locations
Three Channels — Same Signal Raw, Enhanced & Low-Pass Filter
Waveform Quality & Lowpass Filters
No Filter Example CAN-C 500k Baud
200 Khz Filter on Channel A
100 Khz Filter on Channel A
10 Khz Filter on Channel A
2012 Dodge Journey 3.6L: Relative Compression Current
2012 Dodge Journey 3.6L: Diagnostic Results
2012 Dodge Journey 3.6L: Known Good In-Cylinder Signature
2009 Dodge Charger 2.7L: Intake Vacuum/Injector
True Scope Follow–Up to Diagnostics Results
Custom Probes & Manipulating Pico — Pre-Set Ranges
Picoscope 6: Custom Probe Location In Two Places
Picoscope 7: Add a Probe
Picoscope 6 Example: Custom Probe Library
Picoscope 7: Saving a Custom Probe Built In Picoscope 6
Custom Probe (K110 Micro Amp) Added & All Range Settings
Custom K110 Micro Amp Probe In Use
Coil-On Plug Range Limit Example
With COP Custom Probe From Library
Picoscope Diagnostic Software
Battery Testing, Set-Up & Options
Battery & Charging System Testing
Battery Test Example: Questionable Results
Relative Cranking Compression Test with Only Battery Voltage
Compression Results without the Raw Data Display
Relative Cranking Compression Results with Dead Hole
2005 Ford Ranger 4.0L 6 – Cylinder Engine: P0306
Raw In-Cylinder Compression Signature Verification
Pico Diagnostics Power Balance
NVH – Frequency, Order, Direction & Force (Db and G)
Subaru Shake In Steering Wheel
Lab Scope & NVH Pick-Ups for Time Domain Noise Location
Optical Sensor Kit Required for Propshaft Balancing Feature
Propshaft Balancing Set-Up Wizard
Pre-Test Correct Answers
Post-Test Correct Answers

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