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Customizable annotations can be added to screen captures and recordings.

Anno Wave!

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Click here to download the demo!

The Anno Wave! is a graphics annotation and layout tool that radically simplifies the creation of high-end annotated graphics for documentation, web display, and email. This is accomplished by combining key features from image editing programs, layout programs, vector art, and presentation programs. Best of all it is designed specifically for diagnostic technicians.

If your goal is to annotate and or combine images to make a "final" image, this is the program for you.

* The AES Anno Wave! is a hybrid graphics and vector art program designed for combining graphics and/or adding annotation.

* The AES Anno Wave! is designed to create graphic images that will be included in other documentation, uploaded to web pages, or emailed.

* The AES Anno Wave! incorporates true anti-aliasing for the highest quality annotations. No jagged lines!

* The AES Anno Wave! includes the basics: text bubbles, gradients and fills, rotation, exporting to various file types.

* The AES Anno Wave! includes the advanced: active cursors, animated gifs, layering and transparency effects.

This is a downloadable product, no shipping charges apply. However, during checkout you will still be asked for destination country, zip code and ship method. For $20 extra we will ship you a CD:

Why the Anno Wave?
There are many other programs that can be used for annotation such as MS Word and PowerPoint. Annotation can also be accomplished in image and vector art programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But none of these programs make it as simple as the Anno Wave!

Below is an image that highlights some of the customization that you can perform on any of your images using the Anno Wave!



Animated GIFs are easy to create

Animated GIFs are nothing new but they have never been easier to create until the ANNO Wave came along.

This animated GIF was created with the ANNO Wave using 5 screen captures from an Interro PDA.

First, the screens were downloaded from the scope to PC.

Second, the screens were imported to the ANNO Wave.
You can also use the COPY / PASTE command to bring images into the ANNO Wave.

Third, the screens were arranged in proper display order. Title, notes and annotations were added .

Fourth, The ANNO Wave workspace was saved as an animated GIF.

NOTE: The display time as well as other features for each image can be customized with the ANNO Wave. Notice how the arrow changes color and text.




Active Cursors

Active Cursors are objects with movable bars or cursors. Each cursor includes a value window that displays any value based upon the min/max that you select along with the unit of measure (volts, amps, Hertz, inches, feet, yard, miles, mm, cm, m, km, many more).

Use Active Cursors anytime you need to mark a position(s) and include a value.

The screen capture to the right is from the Snap-on Vantage.

For a compression signal you can use the ACTIVE CURSOR to call out the details on the signal.  




Active Cursors for X, Y and Z-axis

This image shows a somewhat extreme use of Active Cursors. They can be vertical, horizontal and rotated. Put them where you need them. The value boxes always remain below and the right of the leaders.

Each Active Cursor can be customized to blend with your project.

This image of the Pico scope module was copied from our site, measured with a ruler and then pasted into the Anno Wave! We then added the cursors to the image and scaled them for inches and centimeters.

All aspects of Active Cursors can be customized, including the number of decimal places displayed in the value box.




PicoScope gets annotated…

After capturing this screen from his 4-channel Pico Scope, Rob Vicelli used the Anno Wave to add a call-out and highlight sections of the waveforms.

The Anno Wave also includes a very useful export and image conversion feature. His original image was 352k which is too large to load here. Using the Anno Wave we exported it to a GIF that is only 44KB with very little loss of quality from the 352k jpg.



Does it work with my scope? My scan tool?

The Annowave does not work with any scope, scan tool or piece of equipment.

But it will work with any image. Import images or copy/paste images into the Annowave, once there, annotate the image.




Get Yourself Published

Jeff Bly at Maywood Transmission and Auto Repair in Independence MO uses the AnnoWave to spruce up screen captures used in his "Tech Tactics" article he writes for the ASA MoKan newsletter.


The screen on top is from a Tech 2, and below is from a Snap-on VantagePro with the screen inverted to remove the black backround.






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