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> Emissions > Auto Emissions Bible: How to Pass the Vehicle Emissions Test

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Auto Emissions Bible: How to Pass the Vehicle Emissions Test

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This may be the most enjoyable book you'll ever read about emissions!

Selected by the Ohio EPA's E-Check ✅ Vehicle Emissions Testing Program as the core textbook for its E-Check Certified Repair Technician Training Program. 

The Auto Emissions Bible explains:
- how to repair and prep vehicles to pass vehicle emissions tests. 
- the causes of the Top 10 DTC codes most frequently responsible for emission test failures. In fact, more than 50 DTCs are listed in the Index.
- how to sample and interpret exhaust gas analyzer readings, and make repairs to limit harmful emissions. 

For students, the book demonstrates how OBD II monitors the components and systems to locate failures that lead to check engine light illumination and vehicle test failures.

For professionals, the Auto Emissions Bible is your quick reference refresher.

The art and science of 5-gas analysis will complement your lab scope and scan tool skills. Knowing and understanding the exhaust conditions can help you determine what is happening in the combustion event in ways a PCM does not monitor. A 5-gas analysis can be a quick method to test for the presence of fuel during a no-start condition, confirming lean or rich codes, and measuring the performance of a catalytic convertor.

Use the book for review as a just-in-time reference with the detailed index of key terms.

Authors Sam Bell and Ralph Birnbaum have a combined 80 years of auto repair experience. Both write regularly on automotive topics, specializing in computer controls, driveability issues, and emissions testing.   

300 pages, 6-in x 9-in x 0.7-in.

Table of Contents and Index page sample:



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