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BULLSEYE Leak Detector Pro Kit

Not available for export from the USA!
California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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Use the BULLSEYE to find leaks in all sealed systems in just 3 easy steps:
1. The BULLSEYE CO2 regulator pressurizes the sealed system with residue free system-safe CO2.
2. The BULLSEYE Leak Detector finds the area of the leak.
3. The BULLSEYE Leak Seeker Foam changes color to pinpoint the leak.  

BULLSEYE determines if the vehicle has a leak and then indicates the size of the leak. It is the only system that finds large to very small leaks quickly and precisely and directly controls ALL vent & purge valve solenoids at the push of a button.

You can use the BULLSEYE to find leaks in EVAP systems, A/C systems, engine cooling systems, head gaskets, tires and wheels, air ride suspensions, air brakes, antifreeze, radiator, water pump, block etc….

If you can seal the system you can use the Bullseye to find leaks on forced induction as well as naturally aspirated engines.

Why CO2?

  • CO2 is one of the smallest molecules and is heavier than air, thus, it falls, instead of rises like helium or hydrogen.
  • Since the CO2 molecule is so small, it will move through small leak sites with very low resistance.
  • CO2 is an inert gas with a triple bond so the CO2 will not break down or combine with any other chemicals making this truly system-safe.



Kit Contents
The BULLSEYE Leak Detector Pro Kit (AES# ATS-LDT1000) includes all the items pictured below in the left column along with a storage case



TST Seminars: Case Study 2007 Jeep with small leak

ATS Case Study #1 Chevy Cobalt

ATS Case Study #2 Scion XB

ATS Case Study #3 Ford F150



BULLSEYE Leak Detector overview

Find AC leaks with the BULLSEYE Leak Detector when used with the High Pressure Regulator and AC R134a Charge Hose.  Step-by-step instructions.

Find EVAP leaks with the BULLSEYE Leak Detector when used with the Smart Control and the Low Pressure Regulator. Step-by-step instructions.

Find engine oil leaks with BULLSEYE Leak Detector when used with the Low Pressure Regulator. 

Finding a slow tire leak with the BULLSEYE Leak Detector CO2 Sensor. Step-by-step instructions.

Additional uses the BULLSEYE for:
Cooling - Step-by-step instructions
Air-Ride Suspension - Step-by-step instructions (Requires adapter sold separately.)
Commercial and residential AC - Step by-step instructions


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