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COP Probe with PicoBNC+ (TA398)

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The Pico COP and Signal Probe (TA398) with PicoBNC+™ is the fastest way to check coil–on–plug ignition coils and spark plugs. Simply press the probe tip against the coil housing or plug wire to acquire a secondary signal.

- Find misfires fast
- Displays scope patterns of the secondary, faster than scoping the primary
- Flexible design allows for easier access to hard-to-reach components
- Does not require back–probing, special adapters, foil strips, or batteries

Coil construction can prevent capturing a waveform with any paddle probe. 4-wire and some 3-wire coils will not produce usable waveforms.

The PicoBNC+™ enables the PicoScope software to auto-configure itself for the TA398 COP and Signal Probe when used with a compatible PicoScope such as the 4225A or 4425A.

The TA398 consists of a 3 meter lead that terminates to a large hand grip, a flexible rod extends from the grip and terminates to the sensor.   

Pico TA398 COP and Signal Probe features:
- PicoBNC+™ scope connector
- Attenuated 10,000:1 
- Overall length 3 meter lead with 12" probe
- 1 meter ground extension with battery clamp
- 1-year warranty


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