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Driveability From the Driver’s Seat, Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation by Brandon Steckler

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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Written for novice as well as experienced driveability technicians, Brandon Steckler’s Driveability from the Driver's Seat - Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation begins with an analysis of fuel injection strategy and fuel feedback control.

It provides real-world examples to demonstrate the use of generic scan tool data to make preliminary diagnostic direction decisions from the driver's seat. The ATS eScan ELITE is used to collect the scan data shown in the diagnostic examples, but any graphing scan tool could also be used effectively.

It’s Brandon belief that 85% of everything that occurs on the vehicles we face each day happens on all of them. Find out why!

The printed manual is 82-page, full-color, 8-1/2" x 11" coil bound manual, will be also be available as eBook.

Table of Contents
Emissions – The Catalyst for Change 
The Carburetor 
Electronic Fuel Injection, Stoichiometry & Lambda 
The Catalytic Converter 
The Combustion Process 
The Building Blocks of a Successful Diagnostician
Proper Service Information 
Proper Tooling/Limitations 
Fundamental Knowledge 
Mastering “The 85%” 
Players In the Game 
Electronic Fuel Injection Review 
Weighing the Air 
Driver’s Intent 
Determining The Engine’s Speed of Rotation
Calculated Load Value (CALC_Load/ Engine Load)
Absolute Load Value (ABS_Load) 
The Evolution to Proper Enrichment 
Start‐Up Enrichment 
Warm‐Up Enrichment 
Density Enrichment 
Volumetric Efficiency Enrichment 
Acceleration Enrichment 
Deceleration Enleanment 
Fuel Trim: The Corrective Factor 
Narrow‐Band HO2 Sensors 
HO2 Sensors Drive The Fuel Trim 
Total Fuel Trim (TFT) 
Wide‐Band/Lean Air‐Fuel Ratio Sensors 
Becoming One with the ECU 
Driveability From the Driver’s Seat
The Diagnostic Approach 
OBD2 Generic vs OE/Enhanced Data PIDs 
PID Selection & View 
Loop Speed & Refresh Rate 
The Analytical Road Test 
Hot Idle/Park/No‐Load 
2500 RPM/No‐Load 
Power‐Brake (Brake‐Torque) 
WOT/5000 Rpm 
The Experiment 
The Funnel System
G Tests 
P Tests 
Baseline Analytical Road Test (Idle) 
Baseline Analytical Road Test (WOT) 
Unmetered Air Around Maf Sensor (Idle) 
Unmetered Air Around Maf (WOT)
Unmetered Air Through Vacuum Leak (Idle) 
Unmetered Air Through Vacuum Leak (WOT)
Breathability Fault, Restricted Air Filter (Idle)
Breathability Fault, Restricted Air Filter (WOT)
Poor Fuel Delivery, Restriction In Fuel Rail Supply Line (Idle)
Poor Fuel Delivery, Restriction In Fuel Rail Supply Line (WOT)
Breathability Fault, Restricted Exhaust System (Idle & WOT)
Single Bank Exhaust Restriction 
Data From a Different Perspective 
Baseline Analytical Road Test (Fuel Trim) 
Baseline Analytical Road Test (Volumetric Efficiency
Unmetered Air Around MAF 
Inaccurately Measured Air Mass (Vacuum Leak)
Poor Fuel Delivery (Restricted Fuel Pressure
It Ain’t Magic 


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