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Emission Theory and Diagnostics

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Understanding the systems and components that make up the Emission Systems on OBD vehicles is crucial in operating a profitable automotive repair facility.

This manual provides both a description of the different systems used on OBD vehicles and the operational theory which is essential for rapid/correct diagnostics. There are many examples which were taken from vehicles that are in your shop everyday with captures of the actual PID information needed for diagnosing proper system operation.

The systems covered include: PCV Systems, EGR, Oxygen Sensors, Air Injection, Catalytic Converters and Evaporative Controls. 5 Gas Theory,

235-pages, 8-1/2" x 11", soft cover.

The PCV Section discusses System Function and Failure Diagnosis.

The EGR Section discusses EGR theory, Vacuum Systems, DPFE Systems and Linear Systems. There are numerous examples of Scan Tool captures as well as Lab Scope captures indicating both proper system operation as well as defective systems.

The Oxygen Sensor Section covers all aspects of performance testing, heater testing and fuel trim diagnostics. Understanding the importance of the Oxygen Sensors role in fuel control is vital to the repair of both emission failures and drivability concerns.

The Converter & AIR Section will help you learn how to decide on whether that Catalyst Efficiency code means you need a new Catalyst or simply need to repair a fuel delivery problem.

The EVAP Section shows you how to most effectively use your scan tool and other shop equipment to make a quick and correct call on whether there is a leak in the system and where it is.

The 5 Gas Section discusses the gas relationships that are necessary to decide which system or systems may be responsible for an emissions failure as well as drivability problems. Knowing that a vehicle fails the Emission/SMOG test is important, but knowing why it failed and what needs to be done to repair the vehicle is far more important.

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