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Extension Test Leads (Select the length, color, and connector that fits your scope!)
1. Banana Male (Exposed) to Banana Female
2. Banana Males (Exposed) to Banana Females
3. Banana Male (Shrouded) to Banana Female
4. Banana Males (Shrouded) to Banana Females
5. Banana Male (Shrouded/Stacking) to Banana Female
6. Banana Males (Shrouded/Stacking) to Banana Females
7. BNC Male (Fluke) to BNC Female (Metal)
8. BNC Male (Insulated) to BNC Female (Metal)
9. BNC Male (Metal) to BNC Female (Metal)

Extension Lead (Male to Female)

$18.00 - $37.00
Length of Wire:
Color of Wire:
Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping(Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping)

Go the distance with AES Extension Leads!  

Connect the male end of the AES Extension Lead to your scope/meter and then connect your test lead to the female end of the AES Extension Lead, and catch a wave!

These leads feature the opposite sex' connector on each end, for example:
- BNC male to BNC female
- Banana Plug male to Banana Plug female socket (available with one or two at each of the lead)

Constructed of flexible, hi-temp resistant shielded cable, AES Extension Leads are small diameter and available in multiple colors and lengths.

Need leads that are male-to-male or female-to-female? Consider an AES Coupler Lead.

Extension Lead Configuration 
The image below shows the most common configurations for an extension lead. To order the one that best fits your testing requirements review the options pictured below, then scroll to the top of this page and select the connector(s), the wire length, and wire color. Please allow 2-weeks for assembly of your custom coupler lead.


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