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Extension Test Leads (Select the length, color, and connector that fits your scope!)
Banana Male (Shrouded) to Banana Female
Banana Males (Shrouded/Stacking) to Banana Females
BNC Male (Insulated) to BNC Female (Metal)

Extension Lead (Male to Female)

$18.00 - $37.00
Length of Wire:
Color of Wire:
Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping(Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping)

Go the distance with AES Extension Leads!  

Connect the male end of the AES Extension Lead to your scope/meter and then connect your test lead to the female end of the AES Extension Lead, and catch a wave!

These leads feature the opposite sex' connector on each end, for example:
- BNC male to BNC female
- Banana Plug male to Banana Plug female socket (available with one or two at each of the lead)

Constructed of flexible, hi-temp resistant shielded cable, AES Extension Leads are small diameter and available in multiple colors and lengths.

Need leads that are male-to-male or female-to-female? Consider an AES Coupler Lead.


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