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FirstLook Diagnostic Injector Sensor

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Use your lab scope as an on-car flow bench!

The FirstLook Injector Diagnostic Sensor is a universal tool that can be used with virtually any:
-- multi-channel scope, and
-- fuel pressure test adapters (the ones you already have)

It connects to the fuel injection rail and produces a signature from all the injectors on one scope channel. The uniformity, or lack of uniformity, of the signatures will let you determine which injectors are flowing and which are not.

Will it work with vehicles that do not have fuel pressure regulators* YES.

It connects to the FUEL RAIL via the Schrader Valve. The kit includes Quick Disconnect Adapters to make this connection. If no Schrader Valve exists a Schrader Valve must be installed before testing the injectors.

This screen capture is from an idle test of a 1996 Accord 2.2 triggered from #1 injector. The bad injector is easy to spot.

Bad injectors are easy to spot.


Power User Test
Use the The FirstLook Injector Diagnostic Sensor in conjunction with your low amp probe to view on your lab scope both the electrical and mechanical behaviour of each injector.

1 @ Firstlook Sensor and hoses
1 @ Lead: BNC to banana plugs
1 @ Lead: BNC to BNC
4 @ Quick Disconnect Adapters
Set of instructions (in English)



Testing Injector Flow

Pete Meier explains how you can use your lab scope to check fuel flow with the SenX ES300 Diagnostic Injector Sensor.  It connects to the fuel rail; and after bleeding the air and connecting it to your lab scope you can check the uniformity, or lack of uniformity, of all the injectors under different RPMs.  


Read Pete Meier's articles to learn how.


pattern missing an injector


Current waveform

A low current probe connected to the main line supplying voltage to the injectors will show you the current draw conditions for each injector.



Fuel Sensor Test




Exclusively for PicoScope users: The SenX History Manager.


Included free with your Firstlook sensor, the SenX History Manager, cloud-based storage for and assessment of waveforms. The storage is free, the assessment is an optional fee-based service.


After a PicoScope waveform has been stored in the SenX History Manager, click the ASSESMENT button to receive an advanced mathematical assessment of the engine. View sample report.


The assessment analyzes the raw data stored in the PicoScope file to determine the current state of the monitored engine components. The assessment is not a diagnosis of misfires. 


Waveforms submitted for assessment must be captured with a PicoScope and include two signals from: exhaust and crankcase (via the oil dipstick tube) with engine running at about 1500 rpm. 


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