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> Cool Tools > Flir TG275 Thermal Camera For Automotive Diagnostics


Flir TG275 Thermal Camera For Automotive Diagnostics

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The new FLIR TG275 was designed specifically for the automotive technician, featuring a small form factor that makes it easy to access tight spaces and a wide temperature range.

Use it to visualize thermal signatures of cooling Systems, parasitic drains, heated seats, wheel bearings, brakes, relays, poor electrical connections and more. The FLIR thermal imager lets you easily spot problems invisible to the naked eye and difficult measure with a simply spot thermometer.

Includes 4 GB of storage for up to 50,000 pictures and built-in Bluetooth.

• 160 × 120 pixel Thermal Resolution
• Object Temperature Range: -25° C to 550° C (-13° F to 1022° F)
• Display: 320 × 240 pixel, 2.4 in color LCD
• Image Storage Capacity: 4 GB for storage of up to 50,000 pictures
• IP54 (IEC60529) enclosure that protects the camera from dirt, dust, and oil
• FLIR patented MSX® enhancement adds sharp visual detail to thermal images
• Multipoint Laser pointer provides a circle to clearly show the area you are measuring
• Built-in LED Light: 100 lumens, 6500° K flashlight
• USB 2.0, Bluetooth® BLE
• Rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Warranty: FLIR 2-10 warranty

NOTE: Flir TG275 saves JEPG images with 1 spot temp reading (not radiometric). For radiometric measurements (where the saved image contains the temperature value of all pixels) please consider the Flir E6-XT.

 • Accuracy: ±1.5° C (2.7° F) for temperatures 50° C to 100° C (122° F to 212° F);
   up to ±3° C (±5.4° F) for -25° C to 50° C (-13° F to 122° F) and 100° C to 550° C
   (212° F to 1022° F)
 • Field of view (FOV): 57° × 44°
 • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.3 m (0.98 ft.)
 • Minimum Measurement Distance: 0.26 m (0.85 ft)
 • IR Temperature Resolution: 0.1° C (0.2° F)
 • Color palettes: Iron, Rainbow, White hot, Black hot, Arctic, Lava
 • Digital image enhancement
 • Focus: Focus free
 • FLIR Tools for PC and Mac: Compatible
 • USB 2.0, Bluetooth

• TG275 Thermal Imager
• USB A to USB C cable
• Wrist strap lanyard
• Printed User Manual
• Carry pouch
• 2-year warranty
• 10-year Detector warranty



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