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General Motors Engine Performance

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Published in 2013, the content is mostly relevant on 2003-2018 newer vehicles. Also covers many systems introduced with OBD II. 

Emphasizes failure patterns on older systems as well. With ATG tips and intuitive tests, you can more quickly differentiate between electronic and mechanical issues plaguing the GM models most likely to come into your shop.

Misfire, Fuel Trim, valve seat issues, cam timing faults, and cylinder-kill system failures can all cause similar symptoms and codes. This training manual will help you make a better ‘first pass’ to look for clues that create the shortest diagnostic path. We’ve been refining these ‘beat the flowchart’ methods for years, so you’ll find something you can use right away.

Other topics include:
 Camshaft Timing Systems
 Drive-By-Wire & Displacement On Demand
 Fuel Trim, Rear Fuel Trim & O2 Sensors
 Ignition Systems & Position Signals
 Direct Injection & Conventional Fuel Delivery
 All Emissions Systems

General Motors Engine Performance training manual coverage:

  1. Introduction
    • Diagnostic Strategies
    • Powertrain Controls
    • Power & Ground Issues
    • Testing Information
  2. Ignition Systems
    • Hall, MR & PM Sensors
    • Sensor Relationships
    • DIS, COP, CNP & Cassette Ignition
    • Misfire Testing
  3. Fuel Systems
    • Fuel Blends
    • Pressurization & Injection
    • CMFI, CSFI & SFI
    • Direct Injection
    • Oxygen Sensors
    • Adaptive Fuel Control
    • Rear Fuel Trim
  4. Air Induction Systems
    • Intake Air Measurement
    • Idle Speed Controls
    • Drive By Wire
    • Turbocharging
  5. Emissions Systems
    • EVAP & EGR Systems
    • Displacement On Demand
    • Variable Camshaft Timing
    • Air Injection Systems
    • Catalytic Converters

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