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HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester

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High Pressure Leak Tester (Smoke Machine) leak detection for heavy-duty system diagnostics & repair:
• In a single 10-minute procedure, reliably detect high-pressure and low pressure upstream faults, pinpoint exact locations and precisely identify failing components
• Produce leak detection "smoke" at higher pressure than standard machines (up to 20psi) for higher pressure systems
• Higher flow rate fills the system with smoke up to 5 times faster
• Ideal for finding leaks in exhaust after-treatment systems
• Test entire system, from intake to exhaust, in one 15 minute test
• High-pressure and large volume systems found in heavy-duty truck and turbocharged passenger vehicles
• Determine if crank case filter is plugged
• Locate point of water intrusion in the cab
• EGR cooler diagnostics, determine if internal coolant or exhaust gaskets are leaking
• Used to find SCR leaks and prevent DEF crystallization
• DPF Protection – not plugging filter due to unresolved upstream leaks (exhaust bellows, v clamps, exhaust manifold flanges, cracked tubing, compressed air charge leaks)

• Test entire system in 15 minutes
• Infinitely variable flow to pinpoint peaks
• Dual operating modes: smoke or air-only cycle
• Visual vapor pinpoints all leaks
• Flow meter to measure flow rate
• Variable pressure simulates truck boost to safely test with engine off
• 100-240V AC power inlet
• 12-24 volt DC power inlet
• Constructed from steel and billet aluminum for durability
• Low operating cost pennies per test
• Made in USA

• High pressure leak tester
• Vapor producing fluid (1 bottle)
• Remote control key fob
• AC Power cable (120V)
• Fiil port hex hey
• Wand / tip adapter

HPK 200 Accessory Kit for HD and Medium Duty Applications (1699500001) sold separately.

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This Item: HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester
HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester Accessory Kit

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