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Hioki IR4059 Insulation Tester

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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The Hioki IR4059 is a Bluetooth-compatible insulation ohmmeter equipped with five voltage ranges from 50V/100MΩ to 1000V/4000MΩ, offering safety and convenience for both technicians and students.

Safety release required before applying high voltage
After selecting a high voltage range, the RELEASE button flashes and must be pressed by the technician to allow use of the 500V, 1000V, or PVΩ ranges, this safety feature prevents accidental high-voltage application to low-voltage equipment. 

Keep your eyes on the test point when using the test lead with remote switch
The multi-function test lead (L9788-10) is designed to keep your eyes on the test point when making a connection, taking a measurement, and evaluating results.
1. LED light shines a spotlight on the target
2. Red light warns of live voltage detection
3. Measurement start switch
4. View pass/fail results when using the Comparator function

Comparator function for PASS/ FAIL decisions
Compare measured values to pre-set reference values to generate a pass or fail judgment with the Comparator function. The IR4059 provides pass/fail results using a buzzer, a red screen, and a Green/Red light on the multi-function test lead (L9788-10).

White LED lighting that’s easy to read in dim settings
The bight high-intensity screen is easy to read in dim settings and from wide viewing angles.

Measurement switch 
Press the thumb operated measurement switch in the top left corner of the IR4059 for a single measurement or lift up for continuous measurement of insulation resistance.

Bluetooth to share live data and report
Export CSV data via USB 2.0 to Excel and with the optional Wireless Bluetooth Adapter Z3210
- Mirror the IR4059 screen to devices that have the screen mirroring feature.
- share data onto one device at a time using Hioki’s GENNECT Cross app for Android and Apple iOS. The software provides a range of functionality that helps manage data in the field, including photographing measurement sites, placing measurement results on photographs, and saving hand written memos.

• 5-ranges testing voltage form 50V/100MΩ to 1000V/4000MΩ
• Multi-functional test lead with remote switch improves work efficiency: flashlight, remote test start, LED light for PASS/FAIL notification.
• Stable and high-speed digital readings; 0.3 second response time for PASS/ FAIL judgment.
• Bright LED, luminous LCD, test lead (included accessory: L9788-10 with bright LED lamp to illuminate near hand.
• Continuity check via 200 mA testing
• Built in AC/DC voltage meter, useful for testing solar power generation systems and electric vehicles
• When enabled, the Auto Power Save function automatically shuts down the IR4059 after 10 minutes to reduce battery consumption.
• Easily transfer measurement data to an Excel® file via USB 2.0 or to your smartphone or tablet by using the free app GENNECT Cross (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)
• Digital Bar Graph

Kit contents
• Hioki IR4059 Insulation Tester
• L9788-10 Test Lead with Remote Switch (Red), CAT III 600V/ CAT II 600V, 2A
• L4930 Connection Cable Set (Red and Black) 1.2 m (3.94 ft), CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
• L4935 Alligator Clip Set (Red and Black)
• L4938 Test Pin Set (Red and Black)
• Z5042 Protector (boot) for Hioki IR4059
• Neck strap
• Fuse FF0.5 AH/1000 V (70 172 40.0.500: SIBA GmbH) (Fast blow, arc-extinguishing material included, and high breaking capacity)
• LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries x8
• Operating Precautions
• Instruction manual
• 3-year warranty







Rated output voltage

50 V DC

125 V DC

250 V DC

500 V DC

1000 V DC

Effective maximum indicated value

100 MΩ

250 MΩ

500 MΩ

2000 MΩ

4000 MΩ

1st effective measuring range MΩ

±2 % rdg. ±2 dgt.
0.200 - 10.00

±2 % rdg. ±2 dgt.
0.200 - 25.0

±2 % rdg. ±2 dgt.
0.200 - 50.0

±2 % rdg. ±2 dgt.
0.200 - 500

±2 % rdg. ±2 dgt.
0.200 - 1000

Lower limit resistance

0.05 MΩ

0.125 MΩ

0.25 MΩ

0.5 MΩ

1 MΩ

Overload protection

600 V AC (10s)

660 V AC (10s)

DC voltage range

4.2 V (0.001 V resolution) to 600 V (1 V resolution), 4 ranges,
Accuracy: ±1.3% rdg. ±4 dgt., Input resistance: 100 kΩ or higher

AC voltage range

420 V (0.1 V resolution) / 600 V (1 V resolution), 2 ranges, 50/60 Hz,
Accuracy: ±2.3% rdg. ±8 dgt., Input resistance: 100 kΩ or higher, Average rectifier

Low resistance range

For checking the continuity of ground wiring, 10 Ω (0.01 Ω resolution) to 1000 Ω (1 Ω resolution), 3 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±3 % rdg. ±2 dgt., testing current 200 mA or more (at 6 Ω or less)


Semi-transmissive FSTN LCD with back lighting, bar-graph indicator

Response time

Approx. 0.3 second for PASS/FAIL decision (based on in-house testing)

Other functions

Indicate MΩ measurement value after a lapse of one minute, Live circuit indicator, Automatic electric discharge, Automatic DC/AC detection, Comparator, Drop proof, Auto power save

Power supply

LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries × 4, Continuous use: 20 hours (based on in-house testing)
Number of measurements: 1000 times (at 5 s ON, 25 s OFF cycle, insulation measurement of lower limit resistance value to maintain nominal output voltage)

Dimensions and mass

160 mm (6.30 in) W × 98 mm (3.86 in) H× 46 mm (1.81 in) D, 536 g (18.9 oz) (including batteries, excluding test leads)

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