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> ADAS > IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System for Autel ADAS

Frame Alignment
Alignment Precheck measurements
Alignment Precheck camera view

IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System for Autel ADAS

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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The Autel Intelligent ADAS IA800 Optical Positioning System provides faster, more accurate positioning of your Autel Standard Frame.

The IA800 Optical Positioning System includes 6 cameras which mount on the Autel Standard Frame that optically measure the location of wheel targets in 3-dimensions for accurate frame centering and distance relative to the vehicle to be calibrated. 

FASTER - Reduce frame positioning to 1-2 minutes.

MORE ACCURACY - Accurately center the frame at the correct distance.

REPEATABLE - 3D positioning ensures consistent results.

Connect your MaxiSYS tablet, select the calibration to be performed, and then follow the onscreen instructions as you adjust the frame's Angle, Distance, and Offset until green check marks appear which indicate the frame is in the required position. 

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Then, perform an Alignment Precheck to confirm Toe, Camber, Total Toe, and Thrust Angle meet OE specified alignment tolerances.
Alignment Precheck measurements
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MaxiSYS IA800 Intelligent ADAS
- Compatible with your Autel Standard Frame and MaxiSys tablet
- Significantly Reduces Setup Time and Increases Positioning Accuracy
- Eliminates Mechanical Measurements
- Fast, Accurate, and Infinitely Repeatable
- Checks Alignment Tolerances Prior to Calibration

Dual WiFi works best with the iA800
A WiFi connection between the IA800 and a MaxiSys tablet is required to position the frame and perform an alignment precheck.
- Tablets with single WiFi will need their network connection switched from the internet to the IA800, these tablets include the MS906's, the MS908's, the Elite. To perform the calibration, switch the network to reconnect the MaxiSys tablet to the internet.
- Tablets with the VCMI such as the MS919 and the Ultra (and the ms909) have dual WiFi and will connect to both the internet and the IA800 at the same time.

IA800 contents
• 6 high resolution cameras (3 modules with 2 cameras each)
• 4 Wheel Clamps with Targets
• 1 Stand with Target
• Tablet Holder
• Power Supply
• 1-year warranty

Navigating the Tablet with the IA800 for an Alignment Precheck

Unboxing and setting up the IA800 (45 minutes)




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