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Intermittent Diagnostics

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Most technicians rely on their personal scan tools, but not all scan tools can be reliable in all situations. What happens when a customer comes in and you pull out your handy scan tool or multimeter and NO CODES are present* What do you do?

AVI and Bill Fulton bring you the answers in Bill's 'Intermittent Pattern Failure Class'. Learn how to diagnose intermittent drivability problems without a scan tool or multimeter!

Intermittent driveability problems are some of the hardest issues to diagnose, especially with No Code present. If you are having any problems with intermittent issues concerning the Bus Circuits, Fuel Delivery, Ignition, or Electrical problems, then this is must have info. This program will utilize many different kinds test equipment to help with drivability issues.

In this course Bill Fulton covers PO300/PO303/PO171 and explains why you shouldn't jump to conclusions with a high mileage vehicle and replace common parts that are pattern failures. Also learn about what type of bus circuit the system is using and what modules are reporting any DTC's. When you understand how the bus circuit works you can eliminate components in the diagnostic process.

Bill demonstrates and teaches you:
- Symptom To System Strategies
- Action To Reaction Testing
- 45 Minute Diagnostic Strategy Test
- Scan Data and DSO Testing Tips
- Don't just rely on a scan tool or multimeter to fix any problem that comes in the shop. - - - Learn how to diagnosis Intermittent Pattern Failures TODAY!

OVER 17 Hands on Case Studies! such as:
- 2.4L Toyota-Misfire Under Load
- 1996 Cavalier-Idle Stall Condition
- 2004 Dodge Stratus-Misfire/Idle Stall
- 2003 Trail Blazer-Rough Idle/Surge
- 2003 Jeep Liberty-Intermittent Misfire Stall
- 2001 Chevy Express Van-P0316 Stall Crank
- 1999 Olds Intrigue-Intermittent Stall
- 4.2L Ford Ranger-Misfire Under Load
- 2001 Cadillac Catera-No Throttle Control
- 2001 VW Passat-Intermittent Stall/No Start
- 1999 Ford Explorer-Hard Start


Runtime: 170 minutes
98 page manual included

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