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John Thornton 2024

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ASI will present seven classes in 2024. Five will be presented by John Thornton, with one class by Keith Perkins and one class by Scot Manna.

1. Diagnosing Keys and Immobilizer Systems - Live on February 6 & 8, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by Keith Perkins
This program will present a solid foundation of how vehicle security components work and how to effectively approach diagnosis for keys & immobilizer systems. This presentation is a collection of necessary information condensed into one class for busy technicians & shops.
Topics covered:
• Terminology & Components
• Immobilizer System Diagnostics by OEM
• Diagnosing & Programming Keys
• Tooling advice
• Asian and Domestic vehicles
The fundamentals of diagnosing keys and immobilizer systems remain consistent across manufacturers, and this class delves into common failures technicians need to diagnose. We will also spotlight the nuances from one OEM to another, ensuring technicians are aware of the specific anomalies when dealing with these systems.

2. Picoscope 7: Capabilities and Features - Live on March 19 & 20, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by John Thornton
This program will guide you through the most powerful & useful PicoScope 7 features and why it may be in your future. While you need Pico hardware to get the full functionality from Pico7, the software is free and is useful for everyone whether you own that hardware or not. The useful features that will be discussed include:
• Math channels: How to enhance your waveforms for easier use
• Waveform library: 10,000 waveforms stored in the library
• Guided functions 
• Advanced trigger
• Low pass filtering
• And more
A note for less experienced scope users: Guided functions will help you understand why, how, and where to set up a scope. Guided functions take you through acquiring all the signals you would test and shows how to perform each test including expected good results.

3. LIN Bus Diagnostics - Live on May 7, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by John Thornton
This Network Diagnostics class is about how to identify and track down faults in LIN Bus systems. The key to diagnosing these systems is using LIN Bus message structure along with the commonly present fault codes. The expert instructor will provide a gameplan to diagnose, covering:
• How one interprets LIN Bus.
• How to understand the message structure.
• How to determine whether a message is being sent or not
• what known good looks like
• Case Studies diagnosing bad examples.
Currently scheduled as a one night 3-hour class. This may turn into a two-night class and if that happens the 2nd night would be May 9.

4. Electrical Testing for Technicians - Live on June 18 & 20, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by Scot Manna
This presentation will focus on the understanding of electrical system testing and how to test voltage, current and resistance using multimeters and labscopes. Identifying the type of circuit failure you are dealing with along with proper tooling for each type will be discussed. Vehicle case studies will be used to show what to do and what NOT to do. The goal is to make technicians comfortable when performing electrical system testing to make more accurate diagnostic decisions.

5. Misfire Diagnostics and Case Studies - Live on August 20 & 22, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by John Thornton
Misfire issues are one of the most common diagnostic problems technicians encounter. Using case studies this class will focus on how to use scan data to guide us to what type of misfire we have, and then where to go from there. The information in this class will increase your diagnostic speed. Case study examples will include:
• Ignition Misfire
• Air-Fuel Misfires
• Mechanical Misfires
• Density Misfires 

6. eVCT Operation and Diagnostics - Live on October 15 & 17, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by John Thornton
eVCT delivers precise and fast intake cam phasing to reduce emissions, and you will see this system on the intake side of many late model engines. New components can include additional cam sensors, control modules and a 3-phase motor assembly. This class will include:
• Identifying new components & scan data
• Discussion about the components: how they work, and how they are controlled
• Is the cam in the correct position & can the cam phase the correct amount?
• Relearn procedures and how to know if you need to relearn
• See what scan data is helpful in checking the eVCT system for proper operation
• A few diagnostic examples

7. Domestic Driveability Diagnostics 2024 - Live on December 3 & 5, 2024, 7pm CST
Presented by John Thornton
In this case study based class, John will discuss a variety of diagnostic techniques used to solve a mix of difficult driveability problems found on GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. Case Studies are great teaching tools which can be used to explain system theory, testing techniques and data interpretation in a real-world environment. The real benefit of this class is linking the problem at hand to specific testing techniques and data interpretation to quickly lead you to the next diagnostic step and a successful repair.

On the day of each live broadcast, Zoom will send you an email one hour before the broadcast begins.

One week after each live broadcast, the recordings from each event will be posted at the ASI site. Your login credentials for the ASI site will be emailed to you by AESwave. If you already have an ASI account, use your existing login.

After the recording has been posted you have unlimited access to the video recording and the PDF manual for the class.


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