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MODIS: Waveform Training Manual (Download PDF)

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This manual is just under 40 COLOR pages long and focuses on scope usage and
interpreting waveforms when using a Snap-on MODIS. Some scan tool analysis is

A typcial lab scope page includes a screen captures from the Snap-on MODIS, description of problem and solution and a test point connection diagram/circuit.

The manual also includes some conversions, and common problems.

This manual is focused on advanced beginners and intermediate users. Advanced
users may find this manual very handy.

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Page 3 - Vacuum Conversion Table
Page 4 - Baro Conversion Chart
Page 5 - MAF Grams per Second at 5,000 RPM WOT Table
Page 6 - Vacuum Gauge Chart
Page 7 - Oscilloscope & Multi-meter Time Conversion Table
Page 8 - Typical Component Testing Settings
Page 9 - Formulas

MODIS Lab Scope Overview
Page 10 - How to Use Your Trigger
Page 11 - Know Your Oscilloscope and Know The Pattern You Expect
Page 12 - Get to Know Your Time Scales

Waveform Reference
Page 13 - Catching Bad Throttle Position Sensors
Page 14 - Diagnosing Slow MAP Sensors
Page 15 - Graphing the Vehicle Speed Sensor
Page 16 - Calculating Fuel Pump RPM
Page 17 - What Caused That Bad Fuel Pump Waveform
Page 18 - Confirming 02 Heater Operation
Page 19 - Using a Low Amp Probe to Catch Intermittent Problems
Page 20 - Find Shorted Coils and Solenoids With Your Low Amp Probe
Page 21 - Using a Scope to See Physical Solenoid Movement
Page 22 - Confirming Ignition System Operation
Page 23 - Diagnosing Weak COP Coils
Page 24 - Diagnosing Secondary to Primary Leaking COP Coils
Page 25 - Using Mode $06 Test ID $53 for Ford Misfire Counter
Page 26 - Looking at Permanent Magnet Type Crank Sensors
Page 27 - Incorrectly Wired Permanent Magnet Type Crank Sensor
Page 28 - Diagnosing Intermittently Bad Starters
Page 29 - How to do a Quick Compression Test With Starter Draw
Page 30 - Using Crank and Cam Relationships
Page 31 - Analyzing an Injector Amperage and Voltage Waveform
Page 32 - Using 02 Sensors to Narrow Down Misfires
Page 33 - Testing Fuel Pressure Related No Starts, While Cranking

MODIS Scan Tool Section
Page 34 - The Role of the 02 Sensor and Fuel Trim
Page 35 - Using Scanner Graph Mode to Check Fuel Control
Page 36 - Diagnosing Ford Mass Airflow Sensors Using the BARO PID
Page 37 - Graphing Scan Data Between a Good and Bad MAF
Page 38 - A Bad MAF Sensor Also Affects Engine Timing


Who is Travis Dewitz?
Travis Dewitz started working for his father in 1999 while attending Chippewa Valley
Technical College's Automotive Repair program. He graduated CVTC with honors in
2000 and started working full time. He currently holds the ASE certified Master
Automobile Technician, Automobile Advanced Engine Performance, Undercar
Specialist, Compressed Natural Gas, Diesel Engine and Electrical, and Automotive
Service Consultant certifications.

Since 2005 he has operated Dewitz Diagnostic Solutions as a mobile diagnostic service for automotive service and sales businesses. He also has also provided training for Snap-on and other organizations. He also writes articles for Motor Age Magazine.



Page 24 from the Lab Scope Section



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