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MongoosePro Toyota 2

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Grow your business and make your customers happy with the MongoosePro® Toyota 2 by offering the same scan tool diagnostics and flash programming services offered by the dealership!

The MongoosePro® Toyota 2 is a compact and rugged, SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 compliant "Pass Thru" vehicle communication interface that connects your Windows computer to a Toyota, Lexus, or Scion vehicle, allowing you to perform OE-level diagnostics and ECU reprogramming, using Toyota’s own Techstream software.

What can it do?
The MongoosePro® Toyota 2 is compatible with Toyota's "Techstream Lite" software for:
• OEM Diagnostics: 1996 to current
• Emissions Reprogramming: 1996 to current
• Health Checks: 1996 to current
• Powertrain Reprogramming: 2001 to current
• Hybrid ECU Reprogramming: 2001 to current
• Body Control Reprogramming: 2001 to current
• CAN Bus Checks: 2004 to present
• Customization: 2001 to present

Toyota’s Techstream software also allows you to perform active tests, activate utilities, graph data, and in some cases, scan two modules at the same time. Data refresh rates can be as high as 20ms for 20 PIDs on a CAN-equipped vehicle. That’s 50 times per second! Actual data refresh rates depend on the vehicle, the module, and the PIDs selected.

What's in the box?
• MongoosePro® Toyota 2 interface with 6-ft cable (Windows-based computer to vehicle)
• 1-year warranty
• Free technical support (see below)
The MongoosePro® cable is just one of several components required to successfully flash a vehicle. Please refer to “What do I need to reprogram Toyotas?”, below.

Where can I get help?
Drew Tech provides the most comprehensive and knowledgeable tech support for J2534.
• Free firmware and driver updates for Mongoose hardware.
• Free phone and email technical support.
• Free desktop software, "J2534 Toolbox", includes videos and other help tools while also providing the latest J2534 news for each OE to your desktop and guides you thru reprograming and after-flash routines such as VIN read/write, SKIM reset, VIN programming, read/clear DTC, generic OBDII Diagnostics.

What do I need to reprogram Toyotas?
- Windows-based computer that meets Toyota's system requirements, click here then select “PC Requirements”
- Steady Internet connection.
- Subscription to OE software, sold separately, click here.
- J2534 compliant device such as a Mongoose or CarDAQ.
- Battery maintainer (programming power supply).

In less than six minutes, the video below gives you an excellent overview about how to get started with dealer level flash programming so your shop can keep the job in-house, grow profits and increase customer satisfaction.


OE Diagnostics...
This video begins with a review of J2534 with NASTF director Skip Potter and then at 9:50 an excellent overview of the tools and equipment needed to perform diagnostics via J2534 is presented.
Toyota TechStream begins at 21:30.
GM GDS2 at 32:50.
Volkswagen ODIS at 41:10.



Techstream Lite System Requirements

In addition to the Toyota Mongoose (MFC) you need a PC with internet access and a subscription to Toyota TIS.


Toyota TIS Subscription Requirements
A "Professional Level" subscription to Toyota TIS is required and is available to the aftermarket. Current rates are $55 for 2-day subscription or anywhere from $995 to $1095 for a yearly subscription. The subscription includes:
- Techstream Lite software and all current ECU calibration files
- technical information library for all Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles marketed in the USA.
- vehicle model and year specific publication searches for the information needed to maintain, diagnose, and repair all Toyota, Lexus, or Scion. 


Why Mongoose? Toyota says...

Why did Toyota select the Mongoose MFC J2534 VIM for the Techstream Lite Kit?
The Techstream software has been modified to meet the SAE J2534 standard for vehicle interface modules. While there are many J2534 devices available, Toyota can not validate all of them. The Mongoose MFC is an elegantly packaged VIM that is competitively priced. We have done extensive pilot testing with the Mongoose MFC and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Technicians and Region/Area Office personnel. While we can not claim the Techstream Lite will support all Techstream functions, we tracked over 2000 Mongoose MFC connections during pilot and we estimate the Techstream Lite / Mongoose MFC set will perform 95+% of all functions. We are actively working to address any Techstream Lite bugs found when using the Mongoose MFC VIM.


Will other J2534 devices work with Techstream software?
Likely, but Toyota has not tested other configurations. Techstream software validation is focused on the full Techstream system and the Mongoose MFC VIM. At this time, we do not recommend or support other J2534 devices for diagnostics.


Toyota has approved other J2534 devices, can I use those?
Toyota has approved a number of J2534 devices for reprogramming only. Toyota has not validated or approved these devices for diagnostics. The Mongoose MFC is the only J2534 device that Toyota recommends for diagnostic functions.


Can I use a USB extension cable with the Mongoose MFC VIM??
Yes, USB extensions can be used in conjunction with the Mongoose MFC VIM. USB cable extensions are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from a number of common electronics retailers. If you use a generic USB extension cable with the Mongoose MFC VIM ensure that you do not exceed a total length (device + extension) of 16 feet or communication errors may occur. Active USB extension cables are available if you need to extend more than 16 feet.


Source: Toyota Techstream Lite FAQ



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