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(AES# esi-582)

(AES# H-IR4059)

1. When using the Comparator function of the IR4059 does that require the L2105 LED Comparator Attachment?

2. Does the IR4059 ship with a fuse installed and is a spare fuse included with the kit?

3. If I am repeatedly testing the same components on the same car can I use the Panel Save and Load to save and recall my test settings?

The panel save function can save up to nine sets of measurement conditions displayed at the time of the panel save operation, and the panel load function can load any set of the measurement conditions at any time.

L2107 Clip Type Lead
9453 Four Terminal Lead
9454 Zero Adjustment Board
9465-10 Pin Type Lead
9467 Large Clip Type Lead
9772 Pin Type Lead
L2105 LED Comparator Attachment
Z2002 Temperature Sensor
C1006 Carrying Case




(AES# esi-687)

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(AES# esi-597)

(AES# esi-TMX-589)

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