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Sample 1 Hydraulic Ram on Tractor
Sample 2 Hydraulic System on Telehandler
Sample 3 Hydraulic Clutch Pack

Pico Diesel Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit (PQ117)

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The Pico Engine and Hydraulics kit combines the PicoScope Diesel kit (AES# pt-pp924) with two WPS600C Hydraulic pressure transducers (AES# pt-PQ108), enabling you to accurately and quickly diagnose faults on many different types of mobile machinery. PicoScope has already been chosen by dozens of vehicle and equipment manufacturers because of its unique combination of value, reliability, performance and guidance. 

By combining the high-precision hydraulic transducers with a PicoScope kit, you can now
- look at hydraulic pressures in the same time frame as the engine control signals giving complete visibility of how the system is operating. 
- see the exact moment valves start to move in the hydraulic system and compare this directly to the relevant electronic controls.
- investigate stalling and 'no start' conditions due to the comprehensive coverage of engine and electrical systems.

With PicoScope you have direct access to over 150 built-in guided tests covering engine and electrical sensors, actuators and systems. These include both voltage and current measurements and cover camshaft, crankshaft, oxygen sensors, injectors and many more. These tests give you a head start in diagnosing and fixing engine faults right first time; when combined with the hydraulic system they allow diagnosis of complex interactions of the hydraulic and engine systems.

Typical Uses
The WPS600C transducers and the PicoScope are designed for you to be able to diagnose problems on your equipment, relating to either engine or hydraulics. Allowing pressures up to 600 bar to be monitored against time enables the technician to connect the WPS600C to the relevant hydraulic test port, then view activity and transitions in hydraulic pressure that were never previously visible with conventional gauges.

  • Hydraulic pump performance
  • Hydraulic valve switching activity
  • Hydraulic pressure control valve performance
  • Hydraulic pressure decay
  • Residual hydraulic pressure 


Pico 4-Channel 4425 Diesel Kit
Dual WPS600C Hydraulic Kit
Plus one each of these items:
- Passive probe x1/x10 switchable, 100 MHz (ta375)
- 5m  test lead BNC to BNC (black) (TA130)
- Breakout lead for Kostal sensors, 3-pin (TA191)
- Breakout lead for ACS sensors, 2-pin (TA190)

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