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4425A vs 4425
PicoScope 6 vs 7 screen layout

PicoScope 4-Channel 4425A Automotive Oscilloscope (PQ174)

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The PicoScope 4425A with PicoBNC+™ connectors makes it easier than ever for new users to become efficient and productive with PicoScope while saving valuable time for more experienced users.

The 4425A is available in a variety of kit configurations that include a wide assortment of test probes to take advantage of the new PicoBNC+™ connector.

The PicoBNC+™ provides a physical and digital connection between the 4425A scope and a test probe equipped with the PicoBNC+™ mate.
• Push it on, pinch and pull it off; does not require a twist like the old-fashioned BNC connectors. 
• It provides power from the scope to the probe, great for overnight battery drain tests! 
• It allows the probe to identify itself to PicoScope software which will auto-configure for that specific probe.
• It will auto-zero a current clamp. 
The PicoBNC+™ is backwards compatible with your existing Pico or third-party probes equiped with a traditional BNC connector which only provides a physical connection to the scope. 

The front panel of the PicoScope 4425A with PicoBNC+™ includes bright status lights for each channel. After loading a data file or selecting a guided test, PicoScope 7 software will show you which probe to use and the status lights will indicate which channel to connect it to. If you connect the wrong probe the software will alert you.

Using a PicoScope has never been faster, easier or more reliable.

The PicoScope 4425A scope module includes the hardware features that has made PicoScope 4425 the most powerful and versatile automotive scope, view the hardware comparison table.

• 400 M samples/second and 20 MHz bandwidth to make sure you can test the latest vehicles such as those with high-speed FlexRay or CAN-FD networks
• 12-bit (16-bit enhanced) resolution - your waveforms in high definition
• 250 M sample memory buffer for long-duration captures; ideal when you are trying to diagnose intermittent faults
• USB 3.0 data transfer speeds and power, providing you with high performance and portability
• Floating inputs for non-grounded measurements and voltage drop tests
• 200 V input range
• ConnectDetect® to ensure you have a good connection
• Hardware filters and frequency measurement
• Advanced digital triggers. Unique among automotive oscilloscopes, these trigger modes allow you to trigger when there is too long a time gap (such as when an injector fails to fire). They can also trigger and sound an alarm when a sensor signal goes out of range.
• Filters. Some signals are noisy, as wires in the loom pick up noise from other sources. The vehicle ECUs filter this noise out. The PicoScope 4425A has selectable hardware filters to remove this noise, so you see what the ECU sees.
• Hardware frequency measurement. Flow sensors and some airflow sensors output a digital frequency signal. Most oscilloscopes can't extract usable diagnostic information from this, but your PicoScope can convert it to a conventional analog waveform (as shown in this MAF sensor example).
• Compatible with Pico transducers (WPS500X and WPS600C) and third-party transducers such as the Firstlook.
• Compatible with Pico NVH interfaces. 

The PicoScope 4425A is compatible with PicoScope 6 and 7 software. PicoScope 7 user interface is optimized for touchscreen/tablet devices and is compatible with Windows (Linux and macOS in the works). When used with PicoBNC+™ probes, PicoScope software (6 and 7) sets up your scope automatically and allows you to use channel, sampling and trigger controls to capture your waveform precisely as you want it. The tradition of free software updates continues as Pico continuously improves the capabilities of their software. View a comparison table of PicoScope 6 and 7 software.

PicoScope 6 vs 7 screen layout Comparison
Image courtesy of Pico Technology


Comparison: Pico 4425A vs 4425 hardware. Differences are in red.
On mobile devices view table in landscape mode.

Comparison PicoScope 4225A vs 4225


Comparison: PicoScope 6 and 7 software.
On mobile devices view table in landscape mode.

Comparison PicoScope 6 vs 7


Introduction to the PicoScope 4425A


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