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PicoScope 4425 4-Channel Standard Diagnostic Kit

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For the new PicoScope 4425A Standard Kit, click here.

This package contains the original 4-channel 4425 Picoscope module and software combined with an extensive test lead package. It is compatible with any vehicle and great for basic and advanced testing whether your a PC-novice, Master Technician, trainer, or instructor.

The 4425 Pico scope offers support and power in an affordable and flexible package for use with any vehicle:
* 4-channel scope with independent floating inputs to measure up to 4 signals at once
* Memory: 250,000,000 samples ‘always on’ memory captures every detail of the signal (up to 10,000 waveforms)
* Sampling rate: maximum at 400MS/s
* Input Voltage: 200 volts maximum
* Accuracy: +/- 1%
* Advanced trigger modes capture intermittent faults
* Zoom: Multiple views of the same data, zoom up to 200x, pan and filter each view
* ConnectDetect™ for reliable probing
* Protection against overloads and short circuits
* Unlimited storage of waveforms and settings
* 127-preloaded tests and waveform references
* CAN bus and FlexRay compatible
* USB connection to PC: USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
* Language Options (English, French, German, Italian)
* 24 month warranty
* Free software updates
* Free technical support

How does it compare to the competition?
Two features that help the PicoScope outperform other scope are (1) high performance vertical resolution and (2) memory buffers.

(1) ConnectDetect™. This handy feature detects when you have made a good connection in those difficult to reach places, displaying the connection status on your screen and on the front of the scope module.

(2) Vertical Resolution: Unlike most digital storage oscilloscopes, which typically have 8-bit vertical resolution and poor DC accuracy, the PicoScope is accurate to 1% and with 12-bit resolution. This gives a vertical resolution of 4000 'dots' compared to the usual 100 or 200 of most other automotive scopes.

(3) Memory Buffer: PicoScope has a large memory buffer - this lets you capture large, complex signals and then ZOOM (up to 200x) into areas of interest to show the fine detail of the signal.

(4) If you bought a PicoScope 10-years ago you could still use the most current software and all the new accessories with your older PicoScope module! And the software updates would still be free.

What can I test with the PicoScope
The PicoScope offers professional-level testing and flexibility for diagnosing faults in any modern vehicle. The package includes software and hardware (leads, adapters and connectors) so you can acquire signals from:
* Primary and secondary ignition circuits
* Glow plugs and timer relays
* Fuel injectors
* Fuel pumps
* Alternators and starters
* CAN Bus
* Flex Ray
* and many other sensors and actuators: ABS, crankshaft, camshaft, MAP, MAF, throttle position, knock and lambda sensors

For expanded testing, the PicoScope is compatible with many aftermarket accessories that are sold separately, including:
Pressure transducers
Ignition Parade module
DLC Breakout box

How do you use a PicoScope?
Select a preset from the drop-down menu and click it. The PicoScope will automatically:
1. Display a sample waveform (there are over 120 samples)
2. Adjust the lab scope settings (time, volts, trigger, sweep, etc...)
3. Display a tutorial page with full details of how to connect the scope, along with advice on what the waveform should look like and general technical information on the component/system being tested.

Use a PicoScope just like any other PC program, point and click to select, drag, move, zoom, and get help.
- Draggable rulers make it easy to organize waveforms on the screen.
- Clear graphics and text together with the ability to enlarge font sizes on measurements means that the screen is easier to read — even from a distance.
- Tooltips appear when you hover your mouse over a control, making it easy to understand what everything does.
- Point–and–click tools make panning and zooming any waveform quick and easy.
- User–configurable toolbars let you position the controls where you want them.

Contents of the 4-channel PicoScope STANDARD Diagnostic Kit
Scope Module
 1 - 4425 Scope Module with Boot (PP919)
Test Leads and Breakouts
 1 - Premium Test Lead: 3M BLUE (TA125)
 1 - Premium Test Lead: 3M RED (TA126)
 1 - Premium Test Lead: 3M GREEN (TA127)
 1 - Premium Test Lead: 3M YELLOW (TA128)
 2 - 10:1 Attenuator (TA197)
 2 - Secondary Ignition Leads (10,000:1)
 1 - COP Probe (PP338)
 1 - Ground Lead for COP Probe (TA033)
 1 - HT Extension Lead
 1 - Current Clamp (Low) 20A/ 60A DC (PP264) 
 1 - Current clamp (High) 2000A/200A (TA167)
 1 - Fuse Extension Lead (ATC)
 1 - Fuse Extension Lead (Mini)
Probes, Clips and Adapters
 2 - Multimeter style test probe black (TA001)
 2 - Multimeter style test probe red (TA002)
 2 - Small crocodile clip black (TA003)
 2 - Small crocodile clip red (TA004)
 1 - Electronics Acupuncture Kit (Backpinning) (TA008)
 1 - Shrouded to unshrouded 4mm adaptor black (TA016)
 1 - Shrouded to unshrouded 4mm adaptor red (TA017)
 2 - Battery Clip (Red) (TA157)
 2 - Battery Clip (Black) (TA158)
 4 - Flexible backpinning Probe (Black) (TA161)
 4 - Flexible backpinning Probe (Red) (TA162)
 1 - S Hook (MI168)
 1 - USB 3.0 Cable 1.8m Blue  (TA155)
 1 - Case - Jazz (Standard) (PA086)
 2 - Telescopic pack: 45x45 length 80-120mm (PA038)
 1 - Quick start guide 
  24-months for Scope module
  12-months for Accessories

Computer Requirements
To ensure that PicoScope operates correctly, you must have a computer with at least the minimum system requirements to run your Windows operating system, which must be one of the versions listed in the following table. The performance of the PicoScope will be better with a more powerful PC, and will benefit from a multi-core processor.

Item Specification
Operating System
32–bit or 64–bit editions of:
- Windows 10
- Windows 8 (not Windows RT)
- Windows 7
As required by the operating system
As required by the operating system
Free disk space
As required by the operating system
USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ports(s)














PicoScope is suitable for use with any modern vehicle

The Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kit can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle including:

- Ignition (primary and secondary)
- Injectors and fuel pumps
- Starter and charging circuits
- Batteries, alternators and starter motors
- Lamda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors
- Glow plugs / timer relays
- CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay


Educators share with the whole class


Educators will also benefit from using the PicoScope because it allows an entire classroom to see live vehicle waveforms when you have your PC hooked to an LCD projector.


Waveform Library

One of our most popular features of the PicoScope is the Waveform Library, you can search a global data base of waveforms uploaded by PicoScope users from around the world.


To access the Waveform Library you must have an automotive scope connected to your PC and have a valid user name and password to the Pico Automotive Forum.

Once logged into the Waveform Library Browser you will find numerous “Search Options” allowing you to locate a relevant waveform for a specific manufacturer or model. You can also search for a waveform using just the engine code, allowing you to locate a waveform that may not have been saved under your search entry, but is applicable to other models or manufacturers using that engine.


Connect DetectTM

The PicoScope includes ConnectDetectTM which detects when you have made a good connection in those difficult-to-reach places. This feature detects circuit connections with a low impedance (100 kilohm). When enabled, the PicoScope displays the status of the connection both as an on-screen icon and corresponding Channel LED located on the front of the scope; handy if the screen is not visible while probing.

The example below shows the ConnectDetectTM status for Channel A, B, and C:
- Green for Channel A indicates a good connection.
- Red for Channel B indicates a poor or no connection.
- Grey for Channel C indicates not applicable. This is due to a x10 attenuator being used. (ConnectDetectTM does not work with current clamps, pressure transducers, or x10 attenuators).

The ConnectDetect icons remain on screen briefly once a good connection has been established, and then become transparent to prevent obscuring the waveform under review. Should the connection be lost during a capture, the relevant icons will return in bold to warn of a connection problem.


Picoscope Basics, part 1 with ScannerDanner

Free demo software:


Picoscope Basics, part 2 with ScannerDanner


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