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Power Probe IV

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A tool for technicians of all levels.

The Power Probe IV is the same size as the Power Probe 3 but includes multi-meter functions, advanced diagnostic test modes, an easy to read color LCD display and a rugged water and dust resistant housing.

Use the Power Probe IV on 12 t0 24 VDC electrical systems:
• Activate Components With Positive & Negative Source Voltage
• Sensor Testing
• Fuel Injector & Signal Tracing
• Glitch Capturing

Large Multi-Line Color LCD Screen
• Brighter screen, higher contrast visibility than the Power Probe 3
• 40% larger color screen than the Power Probe 3
• Simultaneously provides multiple data points on the same screen.
• View all the readings you need at once

Advanced AC/DC Voltmeter
• 50μs testing AC and DC
• Min/max voltage \ reading capture
• Resistance Testing Live & Unloaded
• Load Testing (Power Feed Test)
• Field replaceable switch & circuit breaker
• .001 ohms - 100k ohms accuracy
• Load test circuits
• Circuit health check
• Circuit Breaker Auto Reset

Meter Modes
The Power Probe IV has 8 different test modes available
• DC Voltmeters: Glitch Capturing

• AC Voltmeter - TRMS, Average & AC Peak M in/Max
• Frequency and Duly Cycle (Hz)

The Power Probe IV has 8 different test modes available:
1. VDC: For DC voltage measurements. This is the default mode on startup. Max. 200 VDC
For measuring loaded resistance in Ohms and display voltage drop.
For AC voltage measurements. Displays a True RMS averaged AC voltage. Max 200 VAC.
4. P-P: For AC voltage measurements. Displays Peak to Peak AC voltage. Max 200 VAC.
For measuring signal Frequency. Also displays + and - Pulse Width.
6. FUEL INJ: Tests Fuel Injectors and Injector circuits.
Supplies safe voltage for testing computer driver circuits.
8. PPECT: Detects the open circuit signal from Power Probe ECT2000 to assist in locating opens.

Easy Resistance Testing: Live & Unloaded
• Read a Circuit’s Resistance with Live Voltage
• Read a Circuit’s Resistance to Hot or Ground

Diagnostic Modes
• Fuel Injector Tester: Test Injector & CM Health
• PCM & ECM Drner Tester: Test Module Dthers,
• Signal Tracer: Trace ECT Open/Circuit Signals 

Built For Shop Life
• Water & dust resistant housing
• Loud indicator tones can be heard in noisy shops
• LED Flashlight always on
• Field replaceable switch & circuit breaker

Self-Resetting Circuit Breaker
• Self-Resetting Circuit Breaker For Fast and Easy Circuit Protection During Testing

Power Probe IV contents
• Power Probe IV unit
• 23ft power lead with Auxiliary Ground Lead and Y-connector to Battery Clips 
• 4mm bannana jack for optional accessories
• Alligator Clip Adapter
• Case (hard shell)

First time user!
ScannerDanner uses a Power Probe for the first time. At timestamp 10:10, ScannerDanner uses the Power Probe 4 to energize the starter to confirm his diagnosis.
















ScannerDanner uses a Power Probe 4

ScannerDanners works upside down and uses Phil's Piercing Probe to gain access to a solenoid and then uses the Power Probe 4 to test if the driver is good. He keeps his thumb off the switch and offers a stern warning, "If you do this wrong, you're gonna cook the computer...Do not put power on this control circuit to the computer." This video relates to Section 3 of his book, Engine Performance Diagnostics.



Why does ScannerDanner like using the Power Probe 4?

"Starting to become a tool of choice because... I don't have to find a good ground or power, I am already connected to the battery." This video relates to Section 3 of his book, Engine Performance Diagnostics.



Using the Power Probe 4 to test a power window switch/motor (1985-2001 Toyota)






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