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Proximity/Smart Key Systems Tester

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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The TDB003 Proximity/Smart Key Systems Tester tests the car and the key. Its a small device that allows technicians to test the invisible radio or infrared signals from key, immobilizer, and remote entry systems.

Check the signal strength and operation of keyless entry remotes.

Eliminate chasing module issues caused by a weak or defective key FOB.

Confirm both key transponders and ignition coil antenna are working properly when determining the cause of a vehicle no start. 
In summary, the TDB003 works on most Slots but if you need coverage for Renault and Nissan then you must use the TDB006 Slot Antenna Tester.

Proximity scan tests will let you see the key and detection zone sensor signal strength and frequency either separately or together in a signal test.

The TDB003 enables the transponder key, remote control operation, external vehicle antenna transmitters, internal vehicle antenna transmitters and transponder antenna to be fully tested to ensure that all parts of the system are working.

The TDB003 can display signal levels, frequency measurements, signal waveforms and a number of other useful features.

- Standard transponder key test
- Infra Red (IR) remote control test
- Radio Frequency (RF) remote control test
- Proximity/Smart key test Proximity/Smart vehicle antenna transmitter test
- Proximity/Smart key signal amplitude level indication
- Radio Frequency (RF) remote control amplitude level indication
- Transponder frequency indication
- Oscilloscope waveform function (FAST and SLOW)
- Proximity/Smart key system scan modes
- Audible signal indication
- Transponder vehicle antenna test

Batteries: 4 X AAA NiMh Rechargeable or Alkal Battery Level: Battery Level Indication on LCD screen (Batteries are not included)
Weight: 115 grams
Oscilloscope Mode: 20mS/Div (SLOW) 10mS/Div (FAST)
Scan Mode: 2 seconds across screen
Size: 90 mm (W) x 170 mm (H) x 38 mm (D)
Current Consumption: 90 mA transponder
Test Amplitude Modulation: 125kHz
Test Frequency Shift Keying: 134.2kHz, (FSK) AudibIe Tone for Data signal
LCD: Backlit Blue 128x64 dots
Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 122F or O to 50C
Radio Frequency Test: 150 to 999 Mhz
Resolution: 0.1 Mhz
InfraRed Test: Universal Detection Receiver
Coil Antenna Test: Dual 125khz/134.2khz Sensing
Proximity Signal Test: 125kHz to 134kHz range

- TDB003 base unit
- Soft zippered Case
- 1-year warranty

USB Manual no longer included. Refer to manual down below.
-Manual (English, Spanish)



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