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Short Buddy Audible Trouble Shooter

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Blowing Fuses?
Short Buddy helps you find the short! This unique tool connects at the fuse panel and becomes in series with the test circuit. A system of audible beeps helps you find the problem and permit hands free troubleshooting.

Have a dead short?
Short Buddy gives you continuous re-set/re-power capability, a real time saver.

Re-powering the circuit
While you push, pull, tug and grab wires, Short Buddy is always watching the current level. If your tug causes the dead short again, Short Buddy opens the circuit for 10 seconds, then re-applies power to the circuit. Re-powering the circuit can also be done manually.

Another big feature!
If the circuit current changes by more than approximately 0.3 Amps, you?ll hear an audible beep.

If you pull on the ?problem* wire or connector, you?ll hear the beep.

When working under the dash or in a difficult area this is a huge help.

The Short Buddy is a great tool for shorts, intermittent drop outs and flaky grounds & connections. A real time saver.

-Settable Amp Levels of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Amps
-Automatically opens the circuit in event of overload
-In Auto mode, circuit gets re-powered in 10 seconds
-In Manual mode, user re-sets power to circuit





All circuit troubles (Shorts, Intermittents, Opens) share one thing in common, the current level in the circuit changes whenever the trouble location is disturbed. Short Buddy works by providing full power to the circuit under test while simultaneously monitoring the current. Whenever there is a slight change in the current (approx. 1/3Amp), it beeps loudly to let you know!

This change in Current Beep will allow you to find shorted, corroded, loose, frayed or otherwise faulty wiring and connections whether they are hidden or not. At any time if the circuit draws more than the rated current, Short Buddy will automatically cut power to the circuit while alerting you to the trouble location. This feature protects the circuit from overload and prevents repetitive fuse blowing episodes.

You can now troubleshoot without constantly watching a meter or probing every connection for voltage drops. This "audible" type of testing allows you to use your hands and eyes to focus on finding the location of the trouble and not studying or interpreting a meter reading. Short Buddy can be used in automatic mode or manual re-set mode for re-setting after an over current condition. The user sets the circuit amperage limits to 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A or 30Amps.



Manual Mode

When set to MANUAL mode, Short Buddy turns off power to the circuit in the event of an overload condition and then waits for you to press the SELECT button, to re-set power to the circuit.

Auto Mode

When set to AUTO (automatic) Mode, in the event of an overload condition, Short Buddy turns off power to the circuit and then re-powers the circuit after 10 short beeps. If the circuit is shorted when Short Buddy re-powers, it will continually cycle, turning off power to the circuit over and over again. This mode gives you time to pull, tug and work with the circuit wiring repeatedly in difficult areas without having to reach for the re-set button.


If the Circuit Under Test is Blowing Fuses (short) . . .

1. Whether the circuit is blowing fuses constantly or just every once in a while, you will be able to locate the problem with the Short Buddy.

A short circuit trouble is caused by power in the circuit going to ground or another circuit before it goes to its?intended load. This is most often caused by wiring insulation that has been chaffed or burnt.

2. To locate the fault simply manipulate all of the components of the circuit by pulling, pushing, tugging, shaking, thumping,tapping or twisting every section of the circuit. Whenever you disturb the section of the circuit that contains the trouble the current in the circuit will change. The Short Buddy checks the current in the circuit hundreds of times a second and it will see the change in current. When the Short Buddy sees this change in current, it will alert you with three loud, quick beeps.

If the circuit current is higher than it should be (such as a short) the Short Buddy will open the circuit (faster than a fuse) and alert you with a long, loud beep and it will remain open during the 10 short countdown beeps.




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