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UltraTrace Dye

Smart Pressure Diagnostic Smoke Machine

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The WV711 Smart Pressure™ Diagnostic Smoke® Machine is a full featured leak detector, specially designed for turbocharged vehicle systems to find all high pressure leaks.


It produces the densest visible smoke vapor over the unit's entire range of operating pressure. Smart Pressure™ technology software electronics prevents thinning of smoke density that occurs when conventional units are set at high pressure. A denser smoke vapor means it's easier to see at leak points. It also means a faster UltraTraceUV® dye deposit at the exact location of the leaks, which is essential for high pressure leak testing! You simply can't find all the leaks without it! Adjustable High Pressure Smoke Machine for Heavy Duty Applications

- Especially Designed for All Boosted Systems
- OEM-Approved Technology
- Use it to test turbo, intake, intercololer, EGR and larger exhaust systems.
- Smart Pressure™ Technology: automatically delivers densest smoke in all pressure settings; no need to fumble with analog pressure regulators.
- The unit has has twice the flow of an EVAP machine and a little more than the Smart Pressure Plus. 
- Adjustable: 3-43.5 psi (69 mbar-3 bar)
- Contaminant-Free UltraTraceUV® Dye Solution Marks The Leak Spot: you cannot find all high pressure leaks without it!
- Selection Modes: digital display shows PSI/bar and flow in LPM
- Quantifies Leaks: with pressure-decay & leak flow rate
- Honeywell® Smart-Circuitry Technology: delivers most accurate measurements
- Flexible Gas Source: use with workshop air or any inert gas
- Patented and Additional Patents Pending
- Wireless Remote
- Self-Calibrating
- Can use either 12 or 24 volt DC. Optional power convertor available

The WV711 Smart Pressure™ Diagnostic Smoke® Machine features the latest OEM EVAP-Mandated Leak Detection Technology and meets EVAP testing requirements for SAE published technical papers recommendations (2008-01-0554 & 2007-01-1235).
* CE Certified and UL/CSA where required.
* Approved for E85 FlexFuel vehicle testing.

- Smart Pressure™ Diagnostic Smoke® Machine 
- 2 bottles of UltraTrace smoke solution (V-WV0716UV)
- Combo Light (White/UV/Laser) (V-WVA-065)
- Wireless Remote (V-WVA-073)
- 2-year warranty 




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