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Test Drive Leads for Pico 4823 8-channel Scope

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping(Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping)

10-ft shielded leads colored to match the 8 colors of the Pico 4823. Each lead includes a ground port for use with removeable ground lead.

The kit includes two ground leads: 3-ft and 10-ft. Use the short lead to connect directly at the circuit.  The longer lead has an attached clamp for connection at the battery.

The Pico 4823 8-channel scope has a common ground configuration. This means that all 8 channels share the same ground circuit and only one channel needs to be grounded at a time.
With a common ground scope, connecting multiple grounds at different locations on the vehicle has the potential of creating a current loop through the ground circuit and damaging the scope.

-  8 Leads 10-ft each with your choice of stacking plug or straight plug
- 1 Removeable Ground pigtail 3-ft with stacking plug
- 1 Chasis Ground 10-ft with Battery Clamp

After placing your order an email will be sent asking you to let us know which type of banana plug to use: stacker or straight.

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