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Trigger Pickup (Inductive) Lead for the PicoScope (AES# 01-14-Pico)

Trigger Pickup (Inductive) Lead for the PicoScope

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Use the AES Trigger Pickup to sync your PicoScope display to an ignition event. When attached to a plug wire, the AES Trigger Pickup will shape the signal into a clean pulse that your scope can use as a trigger.

Displaying a trigger signal on the screen is a very powerful aid for signal analysis, whether you need to judge the relationship of a signal to a position of the crank shaft or to an ignition event, or simply, just to hold/stabliize a repetitive signal. The pulse produced by the trigger pickup makes this possible.

Stepping through the Crank Signal: Many crank signals are very repetitive without any specific characteristic to trigger from. This results in a signal that walks left and right across the screen. Put the AES Trigger Pickup on #1 plug and trigger from it. The crank signal will now be stabilized. To step through the crank signal, move the Trigger Pickup to the next plug wire…and the waveform will update a new section of the signal!

Cranking Compression: Place the AES Trigger Pickup on #1 spark plug and perform a cranking compression test. The Trigger Pickup signal will represent #1 compression in the cranking compression waveform.

Exhaust Pressure Testing: Same as above. Use the AES Trigger Pickup signal to mark fire in the hole - #1.

Scope Setup
Instructions for setting your scope to display a firing event (trigger pulse) are included with the test lead.

Test Lead Configuration
The AES Trigger Pickup (Inductive) Lead is 10-ft long.
Connection to scope: The test lead is configured with an insulated BNC.
Connection to vehicle: The test lead has one connection on the vehicle: Trigger pickup clamps around plug wire. A ground connection is not necessary since the lead is inductive.


Characteristics of the AES Trigger Pickup (inductive) Lead for PicoScope
(AES# 01-14-picoxxx):
Attentuation:   n/a                                                                                              
Connector at Scope*:   BNC insulated
Cable:   ST3, shielded 
Color:   Black 

  10-ft (ask about custom lengths)

Connector(s) at vehicle:   Trigger pickup onto plug wire

* What type of connector does my scope use?




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