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688 Specifications

True RMS Low Curr.Clamp

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This product has been 3 years in development. 

This new clamp meter is a significant improvement over model 687, and offers:

1) Larger clamp

2) Better Zero Stability. 

This new clamp meter offers both!

The clamp opening is 19mm (roughly .75 inch, a 50% increase vs. model 687) clamps over many multi-cable battery grounds and also many of the larger truck ground cables.  This is the largest clamp opening we could have, while still holding the capability to measure down to 1mA....key for measuring parasitic battery drains! 

- Large 19 mm (.75”) clamp size - can clamp over larger ground cables and some multi ground cable systems
- TRUE RMS accuarcy
- Greatly improved ZERO function
- Accurate measurments down to 1 mA (.001A)
- 5,000 count backlit LCD Display w/analog bargraph
- Peak MIN/MAX function
- Standard MIN/MAX function
- CATIII 600 Volts safety rating
- Built-in TEMPERATURE - F&C (probe included)
- Full digital multimeter built-in
- White LED backlighting

This is a standalone clampmeter, it does not connect to a lab scope or meter.

Test Ranges
- DC mA: 5000mA
- DC Amps: 80A
- AC mA: 5000mA
- AC Amps: 80A
- Temperature: 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
- Capacitance: 5mF
- Resistance: 50 Mega Ohms
- Diode: Diode Test
- Continuity: Audible Beep
- Frequency: 10Hz - 100kHz
- DC Volts: 600VDC
- AC Volts: 600VAC

- 688 model
- test leads
- temp probe
- zippered carrying case




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