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> Lab Scopes Accessories > Universal Secondary Test Lead Kit for COP, DIS, HEI, Dist for the uScope


Universal Secondary Test Lead Kit for COP, DIS, HEI, Dist for the uScope

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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The Universal Secondary Test Lead Kit combines the two most popular styles of secondary leads into one for complete coverage on COP, DIS, HEI, Dist.

One end of the secondary lead attaches to the uScope®, the other end connects to either the:
- traditional T-clamp most usually placed over the plug wire.
- flexible paddle which makes secondary COP a quick and easy test. Coil construction can prevent capturing a waveform with any paddle probe. 4-wire and some 3-wire coils will not produce usable waveforms.

Test Lead Configuration 
- Connection to scope: The test lead connects to the uScope channel input.
- Connection to vehicle: Two connections are made at the vehicle: one for Ground and one for signal using either the  T-clamp or Paddle. 

Characteristics of the Universal Secondary Kit (AES# 01-10):
Attentuation:    1000:1
Connection at Scope:   "micro-BNC" connects to the uScope®
Cable:   RG174, Shielded  
Color:   Black
Length:   6-feet
Connection at vehicle:   Ground: Wide jaw, chrome-plated gator
  2ndary Clamp: 
Wide jaw, chrome-plated T-clip
  2ndary Paddle: Insulated rod terminating to a flat, flexible probe




Setting up the Universal Secondary Test Lead with the uScope®



The uScope® and the the Paddle Probe

ScannerDanner uses AES' Universal Secondary Test Lead Kit (the Paddle Probe) to compare an open plug wire to a known-good on a Dodge Caravan 3.8. NOTE: The Paddle Probe used in the video has a BNC connector and Paul uses an adapter to connect it to the uScope. The Paddle Probe included with the uScope kit does not require an adapter.



COP from a 2011 Dodge Charger



DIS from a 1997 Pontiac 3.8L



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