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Vince Fischelli founded Veejer Enterprises in 1985. He is a Technical Training Consultant specializing in vehicle electrical and electronics troubleshooting training for all segments of the vehicle service industry (autos, trucks and heavy equipment).


He started Veejer Enterprises to provide the level of electrical-electronics troubleshooting training needed in the vehicle service industry. He originally trained at the dealership level as a private trainer but later began to move throughout the automotive service industry, truck service industry and heavy equipment service industry as he became known. He is the author of more than 16 books, numerous magazine technical articles and technical papers on vehicle electrical and vehicle electronics troubleshooting.


He has conducted over 600 seminars and workshops since 1985, including many in-house custom designed vehicle electrical/electronics training programs for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers to vehicle manufacturers and various fleet organizations in both government and the private sector.


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