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WPS500x connected to a vehicle
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Pico WPS Kit comparison (PP939, PQ038)

WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit

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Currently backoreder. ETA late July.

Designed to offer uncompromising resolution and accuracy, the Pico automotive diagnostic pressure transducer allows quick and accurate pressure analysis of many automotive systems, with:
* three pressure ranges
* a zoom tool
* integrated bleed-off / pressure relief valve

Accurately measure pressure to 500psi

Ultra fast 100μS response time

Zoom feature for enhanced analysis capabilities

Rechargeable Li-PO battery

Integrated pressure relief / bleed-off valve

Auto Zeroing

High noise immunity

Temperature compensated

This unit is an auto zeroing pressure transducer designed to offer form and flexibility to automotive diagnostics.

What Lab Scopes does the WPS500X Transducer work with?
The Pico WPS500X Transducer works with all modern automotive and industrial lab scopes, including, but not limited to: PicoScope, Snap-on scopes, Fluke ScopeMeters, Bosch scopes, etc... However, lab scopes with banana inputs require a banana to BNC Male adapter.

PP939 Kit Contents (PP939 Contents)
• WPS500X pressure transducer
• Carry case
• USB cable
• 16FT BNC to BNC cable
• TA083: Fuel hose with large Schrader valve
• TA117: Fuel hose with small Schrader valve
• TA085: Vacuum hose
• TA086: Bleed hose
• TA087: Exhaust adapter
• TA142: spare Foster series 2 quick coupler
• TA212: Standard compression hose for WPS
• TA213: Adaptor M10 short reach
• TA216: Adaptor M12 deep reach
• TA217: Adaptor M14 short reach
• TA218: Adaptor M14 Deep reach
• TA129: Universal vacuum adaptor

Additional adapters are included with the Maxi Kit and are available separately:
- M10 (10mm) deep reach
- M16 (16mm) for Ford triton style engines
- M18 (18mm) for older engines

WPS and PicoScope Automotive 7 beta software with Phase Rulers and Cursors...

Zoom Modes

The zoom feature operates by removing all of the voltage from the signal below 100 Hz and then magnifying the remaining signal.

Zoom 1: This mode multiplies the signal 10 times.

Zoom 2: This mode multiplies the signal 100 times. For example, let* say the transducer is connected to intake manifold vacuum on a running engine at idle with
the transducer set to mode 2 (-15 to +50 psi or -1 to +3.45 bar) and the waveform on the scope is at -9 psi (-0.6 bar). The fluctuation in the signal caused by the
valves?opening and closing compared with atmospheric pressure forcing air into the manifold will be visible but will only make up a small portion of the overall signal.
Selecting the zoom function will bring the waveform up to the zero line (remove the -9 psi portion) and the fluctuations will be magnified, making analysis of this
component of the signal much clearer.

Zoom 3: Zoom level 3 multiplies the signal by about 1,000 times. It is extremely sensitive and is suitable only for vacuum measurements.




Fluid Compatibility

The WPS500X is suitable for use with the following types of fluid:
- Brake, clutch and other hydraulic fluids
- Gasoline and diesel
- Air
- Water




The Pico WPS500x features three output ranges:


Range 1: The first range measures from -15 psi (-1 bar) to +500 psi (34.5 bar).
It offers high resolution and accuracy for high-pressure tests such as cranking and running cylinder compression or fuel pressure testing. It is also helpful for identifying cam timing issues such as jumped timing belts and stretch timing chains, especially on multi-cam engines that may not have a cam sensor on each camshaft. The WPS500X kit includes a specially designed compression hose for performing this test with a significantly reduced error and higher operating temperature range than conventional compression hoses and adapters.


Range 2: The second range measures from -15 psi (-1 bar) to +50 psi (+3.45 bar).
This range is ideal for vacuum test and fuel system tests. When testing these systems the zoom function is especially useful to analyze valve operation with the vacuum waveform or the injectors through the fuel waveform.


Range 3: The third range measures -5 to +5 psi (-0.345 to +0.345 bar).
This setting is sensitive enough to analyze small pressures or pulses such as exhaust pulses from the tail pipe.








Matt Shanahan, College of DuPage, reviews the features of a running compression waveform captured with the Pico WPS500x.



At timestamp 7:40 ScannerDanner begins to explain why he used the WPS500X to read in-cylinder pressure on a 2004 Ford Ranger


Part 2, the waveform analysis continues...



Steve Smith of Pico Technology gives a short demonstration on how to measure peak diesel compression using a combination of the Pico WPS500X pressure transducer and conversion hose, with the AST dummy glow plug kit.



Installing the Pico WPS500x, vacuum hose, and the PP972 Vacuum Tap to preform a manifold pressure test on a conventional gasoline vehicle.



Installing the Pico WPS500x and the exhaust adapter (TA087) to perform a non-intrusive exhaust gas pulsation test, sticking it up the exhaust.

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