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Xhorse Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction (2 books)

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The Xhorse Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction (2 books) provides step-by-step for the VVDI Xhorse Key Tool Plus All-in-One Programmer.

1025 thick pages of large text, color photos, sharp and coloful screenshot.

Book 1 is 490 pages.

Book 2 is 535 pages.

Book 1 Table of Contents
IMMO Programming: OBD Match 
IMMO Programming overview
IMMO Programming - Password required 
IMMO Programming takes Toyota as an example, no password required
Precautions for OBD programming smart systems
Volkswagen Audi 
Operation of IMMO OBD Volkswagen 1-2nd generation 
Operation of IMMO system Volkswagen 3rd generation 
The difference between Volkswagen 3.5 and 3 generations 
IMMO OBD operation Volkswagen 4th generation
MQB4.5 key operation guide
Matching of the Audi 8E type of vehicle
Matching of Volkswagen Audi KESSY system
Volkswagen 4th generation Magotan WDI detailed steps 
OBD matching of MQB system
Matching of Volkswagen Audi 5th generation system. 
Write IMMO Data of BMW EWS system•
BMW CASI-CAS3+ Add Keys and AKL Operation. 
CAS4 and CAS4+ Add Keys and AKL Operation
FEM BDC Add Keys and AKL Operation
How to open the trunk of BMW G chassis
Repair after CAS3-4 data loss
E-series smart key position clearing
How to fix BMW CAS3+ with downgrade failure

Book 2 Table of Contents
Keys that can be matched by VIDI MB BGA at this Stage
Mercedes-Benz Add Keys
Mercedes Benz AKL operation 
Replace the EIS with keys and renew the used EIS 
Maintenance and replacement of the ESL
Reuse of the used original keys 
Mercedes Benz key frequency change 
Enable Keys disable keys and precautions 
Repair of EIS data loss and repair of key data and IMMO data out-of-sync
Appendix--VVDI Mercedes-Benz points acquisition and points exchange 
Appendix--Mercedes-Benz key function switching and optional adapter 
Land Rover 
Ford adapter 
Toyota 8A Adapter 
Toyota 8A flip key AKL Operation 
Matching ot Toyota smart key (Crown 12th Generation) 
New Honda AKL
Identification and copy of chips 
Remote control identification and copy
Remote control generation 
Programmer and data processing 
IMMO data tool function 
Chip generation
CNC Machining - Keys Cutting
Remote coordination and mode-C functions 
Useful Functions in Special Functions
File management
Unlock Keys
Ignition coil detection
VVDI super chip type setting. 
VVDI wireless remote key IMMO chip type setting 
Toyota smart key unlock 
Key charging
Honda motorcycle key unlock
Identification and copy of IC ID cards 
8E key upgrade unlock
VVDI remote key function
Mazda 49 smart key lightning repair

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