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$500 winner for watching all of four part parts of John Thornton's In-Cylinder Pressure Transducers

Edwin Brewer is the lucky recipient of the $500 prize! He purchased access to all the parts and was randomly selected to win the $500 prize.

Part 1 is free.

Parts 2 costs $50, Parts 3 and 4 cost $45 each and can be viewed 24/7 after purchase.


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Part 4 premieres on Nov 6th and 7th and is is $45 and will cover:
- Valve Sealing Issues
- Intake Path Restriction

Sign up for all the parts and you will be entered for a chance to win $500 at AESwave.

Register now for Part 4.



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John Thornton's four-part training program shows you how to diagnose engine mechanical problems by going in-cylinder. Learning John's methods will increase the accuracy of your analysis and reduce time spent disassembling by applying in-cylinder pressure testing to your diagnostic routine.

Learning John's step-by-step pattern analysis and use of overlays to clarify your captures will help you analyze valve sealing issues, valve opening and closing events, crankshaft reluctor problems, tight valves, incorrect cam timing, exhaust path restriction, correct or retarded ignition timing and more. Provided are examples of test results and up-to-date compression specifications for modern engines.

Part 1 is free, see below.

Parts 2 costs $50, Parts 3 and 4 cost $45 each. With each purchase you will:

  • Take part in the chat-enabled events, see schedule below. All questions and answers will be emailed to attendees after the event concludes.
  • Watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want.
  • Receive an indexed PDF manual that of known good scope captures and specifications.




Each part premieres as scheduled:
- Part 2 on Oct 9th and 10th
- Part 3 on Oct 23rd and 24th
- Part 4 on Nov 6th and 7th
Purchase all parts and you will be entered for a chance to win a prize.

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