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Autel and the authorized Chrysler method to bypass SGW

The Autel Solution to SGW Secure Gateway Access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles

How To Use the Autel Solution for SGW Secure Gateway Access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles

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Register with AutoAuth to enable your Autel tablet to communicate with the FCA SGW Authentication System and bypass the SGM so you can perform diagnostics and bi-directionals without using a bypass cable. AutoAuth works with Autel, AutoEnginuity, Bosch, Snap-on and other aftermarket scan tools.

- You and your Autel tablet must be registered with AutoAuth.
- The tablet must be connected to the net to communicate with the FCA SGW Authentication System.
- The tablet must have an active update subscription with Autel, purchase here.

First, create a user account with AutoAuth, there is no charge to create this type of account.

Second, create a “Service Center Signup/Independent Technician Signup” account and pay the $50/year fee. You can then add up to 6 users who have already registered and you can add up to 100 tools at no additional cost. The maximum user count can be increased at $2 per additional user. 

Remember, your Autel tablet must access the internet so it can communicate upstream to request and receive permission to bypass the Secure Gateway Module.

In this video, Keith Perkins of explains how AutoAuth works and gives us a sneak peak into the AutoAuth site:


This diagram shows how a tool communicates with the FCA SGW Authentication System and how each user account can have multiple brands of tools (eg. Autel, AutoEnginuity, Bosch, Snap-on) registered in one account.  


Register with AutoAuth:

AutoAuth FAQ: