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AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 12.0 released

AutoEnginuity ScanTool 12.0 release adds coverage for model year 2013, improves CAN communication speed, and includes  variety of fixes for various OEs and additions to prior years coverage for Mercedes, Jaguar, Honda/Acura, Ford, BMW/Mini.

Plus, the AutoEnginuity Scan Tool is compatible with Windows 8 pc and tablet.

Available from AESwave, the complete line of AE bundles:



12.0 Update details

Audi / VW
• Added MY13 support
• Fixed message when exiting Basic Setting Tests that 'test completed successfully' not that the 'test was interrupted by user'
• Fixed loss of communication when switching between CANTP2.0 and UDS based modules when pulling DTCs from all systems along with Firmware 40

• Added MY13 support
• Added Driver and Passenger Seat Normalization system test for Fx0 chassis'
• Added Steering Angle Calibration system test for Fx0 chassis'
• Added Condition Based Service display and reset support for Fx0 chassis'
• Fixed Steering Angle Calibration on MINI R60 / R61
• Fixed late-model CAN vehicles not reporting live data when Generic OBDII is selected as the System selection
• Fixed late-model CAN vehicles not decoding VINs

• Added MY13 support
  • Dodge Dart not supported at this time
• Fixed the max sensor range for the CAN-based Cummins:
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Setpoint
• Fixed communication problems for VPW-based system tests on NGC modules
• Fixed problem pulling VIN for VPW-based NGC modules
• Improved communication speed on CAN-based modules with Firmware 40

• Added MY13 support
• Improved communication speed on CAN-based modules with Firmware 40

• Added MY13 support
• Added System Test support for J2534 hardware: PCM (Outputs ON / Off, KAM Reset, KOEO, KOER, CAN PowerBalance), Airbag (PassengerSeatWeightSensorReZeroFunc)

• Added MY13 support
• Fixed Misfire Cylinder 2 reporting on '98 4.3/5.7 Liter
• Fixed Missing Enhanced Freeze Frame data due to modules taking longer to respond

Honda / Acura
• Added MY13 support
• Added Active Damper System to the Acura MDX '08
• Improved communication speed on CAN-based modules with Firmware 40
• Fixed software freezing when pulling DTCs from All systems with Bosch ABS controllers

Hyundai / Kia
• Added MY13 support

• Added MY13 support
• Added Impact Classification Module support

Land Rover
• Added MY13 support

• Added MY13 support

• Added MY13 support
• Added SLK 11MY+ (172) Instrument Cluster (IC) support (to include Service B Reset)
• Added SLK 11MY+ (172) Air Conditioning support (AAC) (to include Normalization of Actuator Motors, MotorTeach In Motor Position, AC Compressor BreakIn)
• Fixed Parktronic (172 / 212) not reporting trouble code descrptions

• Added MY13 support
• Fixed EnhancedPowertrain showing AC controller sensor list for late-model vehicles

Nissan / Infiniti
• Added MY13 support

• Added MY13 support

• Added MY13 support