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AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 12.1.1 released

AutoEnginuity would like to announce the release of the 12.1 version of its popular ScanTool software.
ScanTool 12.1 finalizes the 13MY and bring significant updates to the Audi / VW enhanced support.

ScanTool Version 12.1.1

• Added Injector Programming for 6.6 Liter LML and 6.6 Liter LGH engines
• Removed the K engine code for the 6.0 Liter L76 as only the Y engine code exists

• Added CX5 '12 - '13 Smart Start Unit full system support
• Added CX5 and Mazda3 '12 - '13 Front Body Control Module and Rear Body Control Module full system support
• Added CX5 and CX9 '12 - '13 Driver Door Module full system support
• Added CX5 '12 - '13 TPMS Reset to ABS controller

Nissan / Infiniti
• Added Nissan Leaf 13MY Brake Rev 2 CAN Stroke Sensor Zero Point Learning
• Fixed Nissan Leaf 13MY EV HEV CAN not retrieving or clearing DTCs
• Fixed Nissan Leaf 13MY Shift CAN not communicating
• Fixed Nissan Leaf 13MY Charger CAN Quick Charger actuation not toggling On and Off

• Fixed Prius Plug-In not in the vehicle model listing and other models tables of coverage not correct


ScanTool Version 12.1

Audi / VW
• Added 10k more DTC descriptions
• Added UDS ASAM Dataset Sensors, Actuations, and System Test Support
• Added alternate retrieval of Gateway module list information on CANP2.0 Getaway modules
• Added retrieving the CAN Gateway module list if one is present when clearing DTCs to speed up clearing DTCs from all systems
• Fixed problem with reporting of modules not present when pulling DTCs from all modules for CAN TP2.0 modules
• Fixed issue with sensor names being updated when they are already provided

• Added missing 7 Series 09 - 13 (F01 F02 F03) Tire Pressure Monitor sensors
• Added missing 7 Series 09 - 12 (F01 F02 F03) with N63 Battery Registration Reset
• Fixed LCM for E38 not supporting large actuations. The actuation list is now complete

• Added Dodge Dart '13 (NOTE: System Tests not supported at this time)
• Added Current CKP, CMP, and Sync State sensors for the '01 - '03 SBEC module
• Added Current DIS Signal sensor for the '01 - '03 SBEC module
• Added Network detection for the 'Retrieve Installed Module VINs' system test
• Added PCM Variant 24 for '13 Dodge RAM vehicles
• Fixed communication issues on non-CAN Cummins vehicles
• Fixed DTC retrieval problems on SCI-based vehicles

• Added Powerstroke 11 - 14MY Enhanced Powertrain missing Water In Fuel sensors
• Added new Mode $06 entries for latest TID and CIDs
• Fixed Escape 13MY ABS Steering Wheel Calibration not working
• Fixed Fiesta 11 - 13MY Power Steering Control Module PDC Reset not working
• Fixed Taurus and CMAX Energi 13MY OSCM Passenger Weight Reset not working
• Fixed CMAX Energi 13MY Battery Energy Control Module Fan Speed Demanded actuation not working
• Fixed Enhanced Powertrain CAN Equivalence Ratio Lambda sensors maximum value set too low
• Fixed Powerstroke 11 - 14MY Transfer Case Control Module not communicating in some conditions and missing actuations

• Added missing Module ID sensors for body controllers '08 - '12
• Added Power Steering Module for the Chevrolet Malibu '10 - '11
• Added Magna Steer system for the Buick passenger C body '01 - '04
• Added Cylinder 7 and 8 to the Fuel Injector Balance actuation for the Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L '10
• Added special CAN VIN pull for trucks that seem to only support responses from GM specific VIN locations
• Added missing sensors when retrieving enhanced Freeze Frame from CAN-based modules
• Added VPW-based SIR module for the Chevrolet Corvette '09 - '12
• Added VPW-based Passenger Presence module for the Chevrolet Corvette '08 - '11
• Added the pulling of the All Groups for DTCs on a Chevrolet Aveo '07 SIR module
• Resolved issue with having to select Chevrolet Classic instead of Chevrolet Malibu
• Fixed Fuel Tank Pressure sensor for the Chevrolet Impala 3.8L '03
• Fixed duplicate sensors for '97 Passenger Vehicles in Enhanced Powertrain
• Fixed ABS actuations for the Pontiac Montana '09
• Fixed EVAP Vent Solenoid for the Chevrolet S10 '01 4.3L
• Fixed Misfire Cylinder 1 reporting as Cylinder 2 for '03 - '04 3.4L Passenger vehicles
• Fixed SIR DTC retrieval for the Chevrolet Aveo '07

Honda / Acura
• Added new module ID for SRS11 module
• Added the following new CAN-based systems for MY13 coverage: SRS System, Seat Weight Sensors,
  Front Camera Module, TPMS System, METER, E-Pretensioner, and ACC & CMBS/FCW System
• Added testing for CVT Transmission on vehicles that originally had the normal Automatic Transmission
• Added new Transmission address for '13 vehicle (ie Acura TSX)
• Fixed reporting DTC descriptions when pulling code from Generic Powertrain while in Enhanced Powertrain
• Removed the OPDS module from the system drop down for the '13 Honda Accord and Civic as well as for the
  '12+ Honda CRV since the new SRS module installed now longer has the OPDS module installed
• Changed the SWS system name to Seat Weight Sensor
• Changed IMA system names to E-Drive per updated Honda specs

• Fixed ABS / ASC / ASTC Steering Angle Sensor Calibration and All G Sensor Calibration reporting failure even if successful

Nissan / Infiniti
• Added CVT Transmission Erase Learning Value system test support
• Added support to show the Past / Historical codes in blue to follow software design of red for current and blue for Past / Historical
• Added VSP full system support for hybrid vehicles
• Fixed Infiniti not being decoded as a make during VIN decoding
• Fixed Airbag Rev 2 ECU Part Number failing intermittently

• Added CrossTrek model support
• Added first-generation Power Steering for '04 - '14
• Added second-generation Power Steering for '13 - '14

• Added Prius PlugIn model support
• Fixed Sienna 2008 Airbag support not working


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