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BAR-OIS Update for December 10th

According to the latest releases from the BAR: 
Beta continues for BAR-OIS
- early 2014 is still the target date for implementation of the program.

Beta began in Sacramento on December 4th and continues today. A few Beta smog shops outside of Sacramento have been told they can begin Beta testing as soon as December 18th. Each vendor in Beta needs to rack up 20,000 valid tests before their DAD can be certified by BAR.

Regarding the start date for BAR-OIS, in a letter released on Dec 9th, 2013, BAR chief Patrick Dorais stated:

The expected start date for statewide implementation of BAR-OIS and the new testing procedures is anticipated for early 2014. The specific start date depends on DAD vendors successfully completing Beta Testing and the availability of Smog Check stations equipped with the new tester to perform the new testing procedures on late-model OBD-equipped vehicles.



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IMclean DAD for California BAR-OIS