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Beta begins for IMclean and BAR-OIS

This week, the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) begins the “Beta” testing phase of the new Data Acquisition Device (DAD) for the BAR-OIS.

Of the 4 or five companies that submitted units to the BAR only two have completed "Alpha" testing, one of those was the IMclean DAD by Drew Technologies.

The first phase of "Beta" is limited to the Sacramento area and includes about 10 smog check stations who have volunteered to participate and have been approved by the BAR.

After testing is completed in Sacramento a statewide rollout will begin, this second phase of "Beta" will probably begin in late-December, or January 2014.

Read more about the "Beta" at Parts & People Magazine.

This article also includes a few comments about the BAR-OIS program from Larry Sherwood, the supervising air quality engineer for BAR.


Get more answers and ask questions about the DAD and BAR-OIS at


Be ready when the BAR is ready!

IMclean DAD for California BAR-OIS