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Brandon Steckler's Top Tools list for PTEN

Brandon Steckler works out of Indiana, was a dealer tech for 14-years and for the past 4-years has been independent.  At the request of PTEN Magazine, he listed his Top Tools. 



Number 9... ATS Emission Five Gas Analyzer



Number 8... Power Probe Tek Power Probe III


Number 7... ATS iEA Intelligent Engine Analyzer


Number 6... ATS EScope Pro

Number 5... ATS EScan Elite

Number 4... Innova Electronics DMM Inductive AMP Probe, No. 3347
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Number 3... Snap-on MODIS Edge
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Numner 2... Snap-on SOLUS Edge

Number 1... ALLDATA Repair


Read the full article with graphics in the October issue of PTEN or read the text

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