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Brandon Steckler with the ATS ESCOPE ELITE4 on misfiring BMW

Brandon Steckler diagnoses a misfiring BMW using an ATS eSCOPE ELITE4 with a low amp probe and a few piercing probes.

What's causing the problem, Ground Control? Voltage Supply? Reference to Ground?

He highlights two features of the ATS eSCOPE ELITE4:

Auto Circuit Detection (Test Lead Connection Detection), a Red/Grey indicator for each channel to let you know when there is a good connection between the test lead and the circuit. This can eliminate the frustration of trying to test a circuit, only to find out the probe did not have proper contact at the test point.

- Mark Data, lets you add a mark to a recording of live data to "bookmark" an event. Brandon refers to it as "strike" and it puts a purple vertical line on the screen which makes it extemely easy to find during playback or scrolling through a long recording.

In conclusion, he uses a few terminal leads and a fuse adapter to verify his diagnosis.